December 19, 2016 {Week 79}: MERRY CHRISTMAS!


YOU GUYSSSSSS how are you all?! This week was really good and super duper miraculous, we found ELEVEN new investigators this week! And several new families! One family even came to church yesterday, Hermana Ada and her two daughters, Alexandra y Hassel! We were psyched about that. The only problem is that none of our new families are married…they all conviven. We have started to talk about the importance of marriage and family with a few of them, we are praying that they’ll have the desire to get married and in the future that Heavenly Father will guide us to families who ARE married, because they always progress the most!

This week I did a few fun things…first of all, there’s a less-active family in our ward, la familia Siguenza, and their dad Roberto has been reallllly sick with some weird rare disease that the doctors don’t really know how to treat. Anyway so he’s been in and out of the hospital since August and this week the family held a pollada (Peruvian version of barbeque) to raise money to pay for hospital bills! So the day before the pollada we stopped by their house to say hello and see if we could help with anything. Well when we got there they were killing and cleaning out the chickens! I was like…*gulp*, can we help you with anything? And they were like yeah!!!! help us clean out the chickens!!! so I took off my rings and my watch and rolled up my sleeves and stuck my hand inside a dead chicken and pulled out all its organs and then I cut off its legs with a knife. Life in Perú is definitely different! They were like…what, have you never done this before? And I just thought to myself…no, when I want to eat chicken I just go to the grocery store and buy the rotisserie there! Haha!

This week I completed 18 WHOLE MONTHS in the mission field!!! What! I can’t believe so much time has passed so quickly! I am so grateful for these 18 months I have had to be a full-time missionary! I love the mission and I especially love THIS mission. Perú Trujillo North definitely is the place for me! I think I’ll just stay here even when my time is up!!!

Today is my last P-day in the mission field. I’ll have time to write next Monday but I will also be in and out of meetings and interviews! But because it’s my last normal P-day my zone leaders and Hermana Sellan and Hermana Wright have planned a special P-day for me!! I don’t know what we’re going to do, they just told me to meet them in the Plaza de Armas de Trujillo at 1pm so I have to go!!!!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! Light the World!!!!

Love, Hermana Butikofer


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