December 5, 2016 {Week 77}: A Good Week

Hola a todos de Granados, Trujillo, Perú! Time is passing soooo quickly…I can’t believe Erin will be home this week!! And I’m still down here living in paradise! Can’t decide who’s the luckier one right now! 😉

This week was good, we are finding lots of new investigators that we are getting from references from members. I love it when the members work with us and share the gospel with their friends and neighbors! I have been thinking and praying a lot this week about the people I know and love at home and who I can share the gospel with once I’m back stateside! I really want to continue being a missionary and having missionary experiences even after the mission!!

I went on an intercambio with my BFF, Hermana Sellan, this week. Did I ever mention to you guys that we met each other on Instagram before the mission? She and I got our calls around the same time and saw my post announcing my mission call and commented, in English, that she would see me there soon! And then we were companions and now we’re best friends! The world is so small and the Lord is so kind. Anyway so I got to go to her area, California, this week where we walked around pretty neighborhoods and ate cupcakes from fancy stores. I pretty much felt like I was back in America again! I told Hermana Sellan, ‘Hermana Sellan, this is like Florida! I feel like I’m in Florida right now!’ I love Trujillo because it always has perfect weather and is just a beautiful city. I feel blessed to serve here 🙂

On Friday we had interviews with President, that was exciting. I love feeling his love not just for me but for all his missionaries. We sat there in his office and talked about a few things and he really helped me feel good about what I am doing and what I have done with this time. The next interview I have with him will be my last one…

Yesterday was the Christmas Devotional! We got to go to Florencia de Mora, our stake center, to see the devotional! So beautiful as always. I loved the music and the messages. December truly is a special time…even when down here and it’s hotter than ever and it’s not cold at Christmas like I’m used to, the whole world feels different…I feel more love for everyone just because it’s Christmastime! Something really sweet that happened as we were leaving the devotional last night is that a little girl same up to Hermana Malo and I and asked us, ‘are you guys missionaries?’ we were like yes! We’re the missionaries from Granados! And she got so excited and said, I’ve never seen sister missionaries before!!! And asked to take a picture with us! Oh my gosh you guys…I wanted to cry! That little girl was so cute, she’s from Rio Seco, another ward here in Este, and of course had never seen sister missionaries before because we’re the first ones here ever. So adorable and definitely a little moment I will remember.

I love Perú, I can’t believe so much time has passed so quickly and that my days here really are numbered. I’m excited to get home but trying to aprovechar every minute I have left!!!

Hermana Butikofer

P.S. Something really cool about Trujillo is that it is basically the shoe capital of Perú! Everyone here makes and sells shoes…and really pretty shoes too! We’re talking heels and sandals and tons of cute shoes! So last week on Pday I bought some new sandals and heels to bring home! Haha!!!



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