December 12, 2016 {Week 78}: Seven Signs to Know You’ve Become Pure Peruvian

WOW AMAZING AMIGOS Y FAMILIA this week was a good one!!!  I mean here on the mission some weeks are just normal weeks but this week was a good one. I really like being here in Granados and being here in Trujillo, it’s such a cool city and really really different from my other areas. First of all, Trujillo is like soooooo strong in the gospel. 7 stakes, 2 missions, 1 temple! So crazy! Chilín…didn’t even have its own ward, we shared a ward with another pueblito. Pacasmayo…a teeny tiny branch. Cajamarca…one stake. I had learned how to be one type of missionary being in wards and branches that needed a lot of help, that didn’t have enough members to fill essential callings, etc. but now here in Granados it’s completely different! Sealed families, entire families members for generations, returned missionaries, the ward has missionaries serving, etc. Completely different to the first 14 months of my mission. But it’s also a blessing because instead of having to worry about whether our ward actually functions we can focus on our investigators! So that’s a blessing!

Here’s a quick list of things that prove you’ve become pure Peruvian:
1. You become enchanted by your own green eyes every time you look in the mirror

2. You realize that you’re practically blonde!
3. Panetón is your favorite thing to eat seriously
4. Even when speaking English you use the word ‘little’ to describe everything, or add cariño to everything…see story about prayer below
5. you like can’t even speak english anymore or can’t even remember normal words in English
6. you dream in Spanish, think in Spanish
7. you’re afraid to drink cold drinks cause it might make you sick

It’s so true you guys, all these things are happening to me, I think it would just be better that I stay here in Peru where I fit in nowadays…haha!

So something cool that Granados does is that the second Sunday of every month Hermana Malo and I have the assignment to speak…along with our great lider misional, Raul Arroyo. Anyway so yesterday we had to speak in sacrament meeting and well because earlier this week I was studying other things, preparing other things, I didn’t really have time to start working or even thinking about my talk until my studies yesterday morning before church. Anyway so yesterday morning I was praying to know what I should speak about…what our sweet members needed to hear…and I felt that I should speak about prayer. Really at first I was like…why prayer? That doesn’t even have anything to do with la obra misional or anything like I usually talk about (my being a missionary and all ya know). Like how does that even relate? But I was like…why not, if I feel like I should talk about prayer I guess it’s for a reason so I’ll talk about prayer. So I briefly prepared a few words to share…just selected a scripture and read a bit about prayer in Preach My Gospel and True to the Faith…and went with it, like heck I’ll wing it I’ve winged it before. Anyway so that’s exactly what I did, I gave my talk and it went normal. But afterwards, sitting there in sacrament meeting…I was just kind of questioning my decision to speak about prayer. Like…why did I decide to talk about that, it didn’t make any sense…it doesn’t even have anything to do with missionary work…I wish I had studied more, why didn’t I make more time to study earlier…just kind of questioning myself. But also telling myself, I had prayed to know what to speak about and I felt I should speak about prayer! And praying that even just one person would be strengthened by the testimony that I had shared. When one of the primary kids taps me on the shoulder…and hands me a note from his mom, Anita (my sweet friend whose husband Luis is menos activo! I love their family!). She wrote me a little note saying…’Hermana Butikofer, thank you so much for your words and testimony about prayer. Thank you for reminding me that I need to pray on the knees and thank Heavenly Father for my blessings and my trials. La quiero mucho.’ Oh it just touched my little heart! Heavenly Father knew I needed a little confirmation that prayer is what I had needed to share, He answered my little prayer that someone would be strengthened by my words. So He spoke to Anita’s little heart and told her to write me a litte note to thank me. And just as He has spoken to Anita to write me a note…He spoke to me, telling me that I needed to talk about prayer because that’s what Anita needed to hear.  Just a little demostration of how the Lord is SO AWARE of everyone’s very thoughts, needs, and heart. He uses us to bless the lives of others. He needs us to be receptive to the Spirit to be able to recognize those little promptings whenever He sends them our way.

I love the Lord, His work, and His ways (Isaiah 55:8-9).

Soooooo much love from my little corazoncito,
Hermana Butikofer

PS I picked a guanábana this week!



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