November 28, 2016 {Week 76}: HOLA FAMIGOS!

FRAMILY! I was thinking about that word, framily, this week and realized that in spanish the word would be ‘famigos’ jajaja so really I should say FAMIGOS! Como están!!

This week was really good! The highlight of the week was DEFINITELY the mission conference we had with Elder Godoy on Wednesday! You guys…he’s the area president! A general authority! I was like halfway to fangirling right there on the front row. Obsessed with him and his wife now. A really cool thing is that they’re Brazilian, and he’s from Porto Alegre! Afterwards I said hi to Hermana Godoy and told her that my dad served his mission in Porto Alegre and that I had been there when we were living there in Brazil! She looked at me and said, in Portuguese, you must be from Uruguay! Do you speak Portuguese?? Jajajaja I said back to her in Spanish, no I’m American but I lived in Brazil with my family and we visited my dad’s mission so I’ve been to Porto Alegre! Hahaha it was so funny, it made me feel good that she thought I was from Uruguay, that I could understand her Portuguese even though I am only capable of responding in Spanish these days! Hahaha! But it was so good to hear them speak, I learned so much from them. Something also funny is that because they’re from Brazil, Portuguese is obviously their first language…and because they’re general authorities they obviously also speak pretty good english…and now they’re serving in the South America Northwest Area so they are serving in Spanish! So Elder Godoy spoke to us in Spanish with a very thick Portuguese accent, sometimes he would slip for a sec into Portuguese, and when he didn’t know the word he needed in Spanish he would say it in English and ask someone for a translation! Haha it was so funny to hear him speaking 3 languages at the same time and still understand him! The gift of tongues is real!

Some cool things that happened this week worth mentioning…

Our investigator Maria accepted a date for the 17th of December! We are super excited for her and are going to do everything possible to get her to that date. The Lord is so merciful, I have been praying for one more baptism before the end and she might be the one!

I was telling Hermana Malo a story this week of how when I was in Cajamarca with Hermana Sellan I found a really cool looking sol in the street in Cajamarca…a sol is Peruvian money! So I found 1 sol in the street, a really cool old looking one. And while I was telling her this story…she looks at me and says, Hermana Butikofer bring me your sol. So I go grab it out of my suitcase where I had kept it and showed it to her and she examines it and she looks and me and says, Hermana Butikofer this is gold! This is real gold! I was like what, what are you talking about. She said our old money used to be pure gold and this is one of the old soles they used to use here! NO WAY so I found a pure gold coin and didn’t even know it until know! So cool!

Our ward is basically obsessed with us. We have a noche misional this Friday and our lider misional made invitations and put a picture of us on the invitation! Haha it’s so funny when we were handing out invitations in the park one day this week we hand someone an invitation…they looked at it…looked up at us…looked back at the invitation and looked at us and started to laugh! Hahaha! Another hermana in our ward found a cute clipart of sister missionaries this week so she printed it out, put ‘Misioneras Barrio Granados’ and posted it on the ward bulletin board! Haha the ward loves having us sisters here!!

On Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, a family in our ward asked us to help them decorate their house for Christmas! It was so fun to help them decorate their tree and everything, I was thinking about decorating the house with my family in years past. It was a sweet way to spend Thanksgiving ❤

Something sweet that happened yesterday…we have a great member family in our ward and they asked us to do a family home evening with them. The catch about the family is that the mom is super duper activa and the dad, even though he’s a returned missionary, is inactive…we invited him to come down and join us but he didn’t want to. When I looked at Anita, la madre, and asked her, Hermana Anita, is it hard? Her eyes teared up and she said, yes Hermana Butikofer, it’s so hard. I kneeled by her and gave her a big hug and she just started crying…she said, I don’t let myself cry too often for my children, I don’t want them to see or to know, but it’s so hard when he doesn’t support me. He’s a wonderful man and father but I never expected this to happen. I’m doing my best alone but it’s hard. It was such a sweet and tender moment…I love Anita, I love their family, we are praying for Luis. Like she said, he’s a good man just has lost sight a little bit of what’s important.

I love the mission, I’m so grateful for little moments like that when I can really love the people according to their needs. In that moment, Anita needed a hug. In other moments…someone may need a smile, need to hear a pure testimony, need listening ears and an nonjudgemental heart. Whatever that person needs…we need to find it and give them it to them in the moment they need it. I love focusing on the people’s needs and being an instrument in the hands of the Lord to help them feel His love just when they need it the most.

Hermana Butikofer


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