November 14, 2016 {Week 74}: The beginning of the end

HOLA FAMILIA Y AMIGOS! Well…today starts my last transfer on the mission! Crazy how quickly time flies, I can’t believe I’ll be home in just six weeks! I have spent the last few days praying and meditating about my mission, and setting goals for these next 6 weeks and for my life post-mission. Sometimes it’s hard to think about this sacred time in my life coming to an end but at the same time I am excited for all that the Lord has in store for me back in America. It’s a bittersweet feeling.

This week was alright, to start the week off we lost our cell phone in a taxi so we didn’t have a phone all week to call members to accompany us, take out citas with people we hadn’t seen, etc. On top of that Hermana Malo has been sick this week so we didn’t proselyte for a few days so really our numbers were just low low low this week. Yesterday in sacrament meeting I was really nervous that none of our people would show up to church because we hadn’t been able to visit the majority of them this week. During the sacrament I sat there praying…praying that PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE could some of our people please remember to come to church, that Heavenly Father would bless us with a miracle and that PLEASE could someone please come to church. And after the sacrament…I looked around and we had 14 people in church yesterday. It was amazing, after a bummer week Heavenly Father still blessed us with people en la capilla and I am so grateful he answered my simple prayer.

On a happier note, Hermano Gaspar got baptized this week!!! He was our golden investigator that moved to Florencia de Mora and we passed the reference on to los élderes de Florencia. They picked up where we left off and he got baptized on Wednesday and we got special permission to go to his baptism, if we could take an investigator with us. We were searching alllll dayyyyy for someone who could come with us to the baptism and we were praying that if it be the will of the Lord, that he please help us find someone to come with us! Well at 8pm we unexpectedly ran into one of our investigators, Maria. She had just gotten off the bus and was about to head home when we ran into her on the street! And we asked her if she had an extra hour or half hour that she could spare. She was like, I guess so hermanas, why? We told her there’s a baptism going on right now in Florencia de Mora and we want you to see what a baptism is like! She was like, yeah hermanas let’s go! Seriously the miracle of the day!!!! So we went with her to Florencia and we got there right after he had gotten baptized…which was a bit sad but we were there just in time to hear the testimonies and bienvenido al barrio. And when Gaspar bore his testimony…he said, ‘I just want to thank las hermanas de Granados for unexpectedly being here, I didn’t know they would be able to come. Thanks to them I found the church and I started reading the Book of Mormon and now I’ve gotten baptized.’ The elders talked to us afterwards…and they said, ‘Wow hermanas, thank you so much for what you did with him, you planted the seed in his heart and it started to grow, he got here to Florencia and all we had to do was finish up the lessons. Thanks for finding and teaching him.’ We love Hermano Gaspar and are so happy that he got baptized over there in Florencia! They’re lucky to have him.

I know I don’t always attach pics but here are a few from this week:
1) 12 CAMBIOS – 12 AGENDAS! los acontecimientos de every single day for the past 18 months of my life in one hand
2) I bought this cool Misión Perú Trujillo Norte t-shirt at the temple store last week!
3) Listen to this cool story! This morning during companionship study Hermana Malo and I were looking through some Liahonas to find something to share in a Noche de Hogar tonight. Well as some of you may or may not know, in the Liahona there is a section specific to every area of the church (I am serving in the South America Northwest Area) and in the section specific to the South America Southwest Area we saw a little story that came from Trujillo! We were like awh, look at that, how sweet, it’s from Trujillo! Then we saw that it’s from our stake, la estaca Perú Trujillo Este! We were like no way!!! And then we read the author’s name, and she’s our stake president’s daughter! It was the coolest thing that we found something in the Liahona from our very stake and from someone we know here in Trujillo. I love this stake so much, Este is such a special place!!!
4) My favorite place in the whole wide world!!!!

Well that’s all folks! Have a great week wherever you find yourself this November!!

Hermana Butikofer



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