November 7, 2016 {Week 73}: A Little Reflection

No group email this week but here in a small excerpt from Abby’s letter home:

I really do feel like I have had an all-around great mission. I am so grateful I got to be in a little branch for 6 months, that was a unique experience, and Pacasmayo is a dream. SO GRATEFUL for Pueblo Libre, I feel like I was called to serve IN THAT WARD, that those members ARE MY PEOPLE. I love Pueblo Libre with all my heart! I knew from my first day in the mission field that I would go there one day and I ended up spending more time there than in any other area. Chiclín was hard but I am grateful I got to spend one transfer with Hermana Sanchez, she is a wonderful friend and I think it was a tender mercy that I got one transfer with someone from Santa Cruz and Erin got one transfer with someone from Trujillo. Granados is amazing, I had thought/felt throughout my mission that I would open an area one day. I love this ward and I love these members and we are seeing so many miracles here. It is coming to an end so quickly but I will not lie when I say I am really excited for all that is coming next for me!!!

2016-10-30 001.JPGIMG_1849.JPGIMG_1844.JPGIMG_1833.JPGIMG_1832.JPGIMG_1828.JPGIMG_1902.JPG


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