October 17, 2016 {Week 70}: Happy Monday!

Hola a todos y happy Monday everyone!!! This week was pretty normal, other than the fact that Monday was Hermana Malo’s birthday! We got up early, got all dressed up, ate a special french toast breakfast (her favorite), took some pictures, and then we came to internet to write to you guys! Then after writing we went over to a member’s house who invited us to a special Trujillano seafood lunch! We’re talking chicharrón de pescado, crab, ceviche de mariscos, the whole 9 yards. I’m not really a huge fan of seafood but I do have to admit it was all really good! My favorite being the crab and the mariscos. I’ll definitely be taking my family to a similar meal when we’re back here in Trujillo in May, super excited for that! After the seafood lunch we went to the Huanchaco Zoo with the elders! Well…nothing like an American zoo, it was pretty much just monkeys in cages (and a few set free) and some cool snakes we got to play with. I held an albino boa constrictor!!! It was the coolest thing ever and now I can say that I’m not afraid of snakes!!! After that we went back over to our pension’s house for dinner with the elders and cake! It was a fun day and Hermana Malo got lucky that her only birthday on the mission was on a P-day.

On Thursday we had interviews with President Marble, those went well. I love speaking with my mission president and learning from his advice and counsel. I love both him and President Marler, they are truly (almost typed trujilly jajajaja) holy men and called of God.

This week was had some really special lessons, one of them being with our menos activo, Román…he is the father of a really active family, he’s sealed in the temple, all of his kids are returned missionaries and sealed as well, he has just really forgotten his testimony. Well the point is he hadn’t come to church in decades until last Sunday when he finally came with us! And this week we had a really sweet lesson with him. We talked about faith and how we can demonstrate and act upon our faith in the Lord and we invited him to pray at the end. So we all get down on our knees (he has a prosthetic leg that wasn’t easy in and of itself) and he starts to pray…and he says ‘Dear God, my name is Román Silvestre, I don’t know if you remember me cause you haven’t heard from me in a long time but I’m your son and I live in Trujillo, Perú’ and then he said the most sweetest prayer and it was amazing. His heart is really softening towards us, I love seeing a change of heart in him!!

Well…as for other news…yesterday I completed 16 months on the mission. Let’s talk about how fast the time has flown!!! I love the mission, I love the things I’m learning here, and I especially love the person I have become and am becoming. I mean…it’s not like I was terrible before the mission but I think it was obvious to everyone that I was just a spoiled 18-year-old girl! I’ve learned a LOT on the mission, is has been far from easy, required lots of tears and humble prayer on my knees, but I am so grateful for the experiences my Heavenly Father has given me that He knew I needed to become a humble servant and disciple of Christ. The path to discipleship is a long one and I’m just starting my journey here on the mission but I love the thought that the mission is just the beginning to a lifetime of service in the Lord’s Kingdom. Excited for what the next couple of months hold for Hermana Malo and me here in Granados, but even more excited for all the adventures the Lord has in store for me in the next few years of my life! I love being a missionary, I love being a disciple and representative of Jesus Christ, we truly have divine POWER and guidance that only come through the authority of the priesthood. The only thing that’s better than being a set-apart missionary is being a dedicated and consecrated servant of the Lord, and that calling of course has no time limit!!!!

Con todo el amor de mi corazoncito,
Hermana Butikofer



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