October 3, 2016 {Week 68}: Another Crazy Week

Family and friends! Greetings to the real world!

This week was nothing short of CrAzY, it all started last Wednesday (like almost 2 weeks ago Wednesday) when Hermana Malo woke up with a really sore throat. Sore throat Wednesday, Thursday swollen tonsils, by Friday she couldn’t speak anymore, by Sunday her ears were hurting her way bad, finally on Monday they let me take her to the doctor. So Monday evening we went to the doctor and were there until like 10pm, waiting for the doctor to see her, finally a general doctor let her in, we wanted to get her into a nose/throat doctor but it was just taking so long so we had to call it quits. Tuesday we worked normal but Hermana Malo was just not doing good…so we finally got a cita with the nose/throat doctor for Wednesday, Wednesday morning the mission nurse called and said that Hermana Malo would be staying in for a few days with another sick hermana and that I would be on exchanges with my friend Hermana Torres the rest of the week!

Hermana Torres and I were in the CCM together and it was so fun to be with her on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Her companion has been sick too so the two sick ones stayed in together while Hermana Torres and I worked. She is currently serving in Buenos Aires, de la zona Central, and has the beach in her area! So I got to go to the beach this week! We proselyted in Buenos Aires on Wednesday and here in Granados on Thursday and Friday. Let me just say…we had so much fun together!!! We decided that they should let us do multi-day exchanges more often, it was so fun to learn from her, teach with her, feel the Spirit with her, and make a new friend. We talked and laughed the whole time and it was so fun. On Friday night Hermana Torres went back to Buenos Aires and Hermana Malo returned to Granados and Saturday and Sunday was General Conference!!! As always it was awesome and I can’t wait to get the Liahona general conference issue to continue studying the words of the living prophets.

This week I felt really full of priesthood power…this week we met a family whose dad has Parkinson’s, we were sitting there with them and with him and as we were talking with them he started crying it was so sad and because he has Parkinson’s s0 he doesn’t have a whole lot of control of his body and he was sitting there in his wheelchair crying and shaking soooo badly…it was so sad…so I got up from my seat and knelt next to him and held his hand and oh as I held his hand I just said a little prayer in my head that he would please stop shaking…and he stopped shaking! It was the coolest thing ever to see my little prayer answered so quickly. I think that’s one of the biggest things I’ve learned on the mission, I may not be ordained to an office of the priesthood but as a set-apart missionary and an endowed woman I DEFINITELY have the power of the priesthood with me!!

We are still on the search for escogido investigators. Opening an area is kind of hard because we when got here and there was literally NOTHING…nothing! I have been praying praying praying that we will be led to the escogidos and more important that we will be able to recognize them. Excited to see the miracles that are coming our way.


Hermana Butikofer

P.S. Today for P-day we went to the Trujillo Botanical Gardens! Well definitely not anything compared to Kirstenbosch in Cape Town but still pretty!



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