September 26, 2016 {Week 67}: Buenas Tardes

Buenas tardes fam and friends! This week was super duper great, starting with the fact that two of my investigators from old areas got baptized this week!!! My and Hermana Holmes’ investigator, Deysi, got baptized up in Cajamarca on Saturday and I am so thrilled for her!!! I remember the first lesson we had with her…I remember sitting down with her and thinking do myself ‘Okay, we have to do this lesson right cause I know this lady is gonna get baptized!’ Well that happened a couple months ago and this weekend she got baptized! So excited for her! The other investigator that got baptized was GOVANNA, Antonella and Mia’s mom! Antonella and Mia got baptized while I was in Chiclín, we were still working on their parents my transfer there. Now there’s to get the dad, Carlos, baptized! He’s a little bit harder but has really started to soften his heart towards us and towards the gospel. I love seeing areas progress and miracles happen even after my time there…this work never ends!

As for what’s going on in Granados, listen to this funny story. Our first weekend here Hermana Malo and I met a really escogido investigator, Gaspar. He came to our ward activity with his friend who introduced us to him! He told us that he lived in Florencia de Mora, another ward, but that he needed to leave the house he was living in at the moment and would be moving into our ward the next week. So we took out a cita with him, thinking that he would be living in our ward very soon. We started visiting him, everything going super great, coming to church, reading the Book of Mormon, it was awesome! When we hear from the elders in Florencia that they met him the week after we met him…and that they are teaching him as well! And then…we hear from the elders de La Merced that THEY met him at a Noche de Hogar the week before! And that they are teaching him as well! JAJAJA what?? Three companionships had met Gaspar in three different situations and we all three started teaching him. So crazy! The Lord really was guiding him to the missionaries! So now we have passed Gaspar onto the elders de Florencia, but searching for a new room for him to live in here in our ward boundaries so he can get baptized here! Haha the whole stake is on the search for a new house for Gaspar so that their ward can claim him!

This week Hermana Malo introduced me to…anticucho, aka cow heart. Pretty sure I’ve found my new favorite cut of meat!! We buy it every evening before we head in for the night.

I love you all, love this place, this language, this gospel. I love putting my plaque on every morning and starting to realize more and more that these days really are numbered. But I find comfort in the thought that my service in the work of the Lord doesn’t end when the plaque comes off…there is always more work to do, always someone more to help, and one day even when I don’t have a plaque over my heart I will still be a missionary and a disciple of Christ.

Hermana Butikofer



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