September 5, 2016 {Week 64}: The Adventure Continues

HOLA FAMILIA Y AMIGOS well the adventure continues! This week Hermana Malo and I have continued getting to know our ward and members and finding ESCOGIDO investigators. We even have a miracle baptism happening this weekend! We met a family in our ward whose dad is just getting reactivated and is now worthy to excercise his priesthood so he will be baptizing his 13-year-old daughter Emily this weekend!!! We are way excited to see this little baptism here in our area this weekend, it is the start to a lot more baptisms coming soon 🙂

This week we had the privilege of having Hermana Marble, our mission president’s wife, accompany us! She came with us for a few hours on Friday afternoon and it was so fun! We had a really special first lesson with our new investigator Gaspar. He was a reference from el sumo sacerdote assigned to our ward and has come to church twice now! It was so special that Hermana Marble could accompany us and help us in our first lesson with Gaspar. We had the lesson en la capilla and arranged for our member friend, Marco, to accompany us as well so it was us three missionaries with the help of Marco and Gaspar. We decided in the lesson to get to know him a little but more, help him understand our propósito, and share a message about repentance. This year the prophets and apostles have taught us to ‘Teach Repentance, Baptize Converts’! I LOVE THIS! I love that it is so simple…if I want to baptize converts, which of course I do every missionary does, I need to teach REPENTANCE. It’s so simple and makes so much sense! As I have studied the scriptures I have seen the pattern that when the prophets taught repentance many were baptized. I love preaching in the same way as the prophets of old and calling people to repentance!!!

I love the mission. I love the things I’m learning here. I have often contemplated the fact that here on the mission we learn soooooo much…seriously SO MUCH! I’ve learned here on the mission what I feel like would take me like 8 years to learn en la vida real. I can’t imagine who I would be without having come on the mission and I am so grateful for this time that I have here!!! The mission is the hardest thing ever but also so, pero SO rewarding! Gracias a todos for your support and encouragement always!!! I love you all with my whole heart!

Love, Hermanita Butikofer



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