September 12, 2016 {Week 65}: Another Week in the Life

WELL YOU ALL today I want to give an update on my new pensh, departamento, compañera, ward, and area and then talk about some of our awesome people here en Granados!

One by one:

La pensión – Hermana Alcida is our pensionista and she is seriously so great!! She is our neighbor and it’s really convenient that she lives so close to our apartment. She is single and has a 15-yr-old son, Erick, who is a cool kid. They actually got baptized about 3 years ago!! She started giving pension to the elders as a nonmember and they ended up getting baptized! She’s from Cajabamba which is a little town that we pass through on the way to Cajamarca. She cooks SUPER RICO and I’m pretty sure we’re each going to gain like ten pounds with her jajaja. A good pension is a blessing and a curse.

El cuarto – We really lucked out because when we got here to Granados our zone leaders had already found us a great pension and a great room. We live in a nice big apartment just two doors down from Alcida! La dueña usually charges S/550 for our apartment but because she is friends with Alcida and she recognizes that we are missionaries, she’s only charging us S/350!! Deal right!! She is actually construyendo a mini-departamento on the third floor and we will be moving upstairs once it’s done. She just has to paint the walls and put in the tile and listo! We’ll be her upstairs neighbors. Our dueña’s name is Carmen and she has a son named Anthony! She is actually listening to us now, having us live with her has really sparked her interest in the church.

La compañera – Hermana Malo es buenisima, con cariño I call her ‘Hermanita Malito’ and the members call us ‘Hermana Malo y Hermana Bueno’ jajaja because she’s Hermana Malo and Butikofer is hard to pronounce but it starts with a B so they just go with Bueno. I am trying to be a sponge and really learn everything I can from her! She does things in a different way than I have before and together we are learning how to do missionary work BETTER TOGETHER. I really do feel like she’s helping me be a better missionary!

El barrio – This ward is so good!!! Seriously!! Blessings of being in Trujillo, where the church is stronger! Tons of returned missionaries in the ward, sealed families, just lots of really strong members here. They are all so willing to help us, accompany us, give us references, etc. And because we are sisters they are even more thrilled to have us here!!! Our obispo has told the members several times in sacrament meeting to ‘treat and care for las misioneras as if they were your own daughters’ – that they need to always make sure we’re safe, that people accompany us, and that they help us in this work. I think the ward and the stake se están dando cuenta that because we are in the most insecure part of Trujillo if even the appearance of ANYTHING happens to us the mission won’t hesistate in taking us out and putting back in elders. So the ward is doing a great job of making sure that doesn’t happen and of caring for us!!! Whenever the members accompany us they always escort us back to our room at night and yeah just do a great job of making sure we’re safe. It’s awesome!!

El área – Our area is pretty small but it’s all city so there are lots of buildings and cars and people. We are the only companionship in this ward which is pretty fun!! There are lots of little parks and lots of trees which make it pretty. We are about 10 minutes from the center of Trujillo in taxi and about 15 minutes in taxi from the temple and the beach. There isn’t anything touristy in this area but it’s nice that we’re close to everything touristy cause we can get permission to go on Pdays! Like today, we’re going to Avenida España, a big market in the center of Trujillo!

Las personas – We have found some really golden really prepared people in these few weeks here! One of them in Gaspar, came to church the first time our first Sunday here and has been at church every Sunday since. He even attends the ward before our meetings so he can ‘learn more’ as he says!!! Amazing right! He is a loquito man of 48 años and has 11 children. 11 children! Jajajaja but he’s great and progressing really quickly! There’s also la familia Cusma, a fam of menos activos that we met this week, they are super great and we are very excited to work with them! Another investigator Gianmarcos, a joven who started attending seminary. We had our first lesson with him this week and invited him to pray and as he prayed the Spirit was soooo strong…he almost cried! It was so great!

So there’s your update on everything going on here in Granados! I love this place and I love this time that I have to be a missionary. I love wearing my plaquita and representing Jesus Christ every day!!! I never want this time to end.

Love, Hermana Butikofer


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