August 29, 2016 {Week 63}: Funnest week ever!

WELL YOU ALL I’m pretty sure this has been the funnest week of my mission! Opening an area is quite the adventure!!! Especially when you’re in an area that hasn’t had missionaries in more than 6 months and sisters NEVER. We are the first sisters ever this ward has ever had!!! I feel like I’m making history here! We got here on Tuesday and seriously have recieved the warmest welcome here. The ward is THRILLED to have us! Yesterday the stake president even showed up to our sacrament meeting and pulled us out of sacrament meeting to meet us, introduce himself, and welcome us to the stake. The whole stake is so excited that they finally have sisters!!!! Also, super small world is that our stake president was Hermana Malo’s mom’s district leader in the mission in Arequipa 30 years ago! Crazy right! During sacrament meeting the bishop invited us to come up and quickly introduce ourselves to the ward. I got up and spoke first and made a little joke from the pulpit and left the whole congregation chuckling so now they all think I’m hilarious and have a contagious laugh! I am actually very surprised that Granados hasn’t had missionaries in so long because this ward is awesome! So well-functioning! Awesome bishop! Awesome ward council!

This area is way different than any area I’ve had before. Pacasmayo, pueblito on the beach. Cajamarca, city in the mountains. Chiclín, farming pueblito. And now Granados, the city of Trujillo! These people live different lives and have different needs and concerns than the people in my other areas. Last night we had a really cool lesson with a menos activa we met this week in the which she described to us her internal struggle on whether or not she should be a prostitute…or whether she should look into selling drugs…because she is fighting to provide for her two sons and she sees other people who do those things and who can buy nice things for their families. Well, we told her that Heavenly Father is pleased with the correct decisions that she is making and that she just has to hold tight to the iron rod. It surprised me a whole lot because this is the first time in my mission hearing things like that! I live in an area that is definitely a lot rougher than any area I have been before! But I am loving it here!

I am loving being with Hermana Malo. She is helping me become a better missionary!!! I love this feeling that I am in the right place, with the right person, at the right time. The right area, the right companion, the right moment. O sea, Granados, Hermana Malo, now! I have a wonderful feeling that we have many miracles coming our way. This place has been waiting for us, these people have been WAITING for US and we are finally here! I love how on my mission I have felt that certain things would happen…I felt like I would go to Pueblo Libre one day, I felt like I would train Hermana Holmes, and well throughout my mission I had felt that I would open an area one day. It’s like Heavenly Father gives us little bits of personal revelation to prepare us for what He has in store!

Well you all that’s all the update I have for y’all today…Hermana Malo and I are LOVING Granados and Granados is loving us!! We are still getting to know the area, getting a little lost sometimes, getting to know the members and the ward and the people.

Love, Hermana Butikofer

My friends in Chiclin threw me a little going away party.  It’s always hard to say goodbye!
Saying goodbye to Hermana Sanchez
So happy to run into Hermana Holmes in Trujillo!
Meeting my new companion, Hermana Malo


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