August 15, 2016 {Week 61}: TRUST IN THE LORD AND SERVE A MISSION

This week was a great one! I got to go on an intercambio to SAN PEDRO DE LLOC, a little town just south of my beloved Pacasmayo! Crazy cool thing that happened while we were there is that we entered the pension’s house..and I was like hey…I’ve been here before! I know this room! Where are we?? Hermana Ramirez told me their pension’s name is Deysi and that she’s a recent convert. YOU GUYS! I visited Deysi on an intercambio more than a year ago while she was still an investigator and NOW she’s a baptized member, ENDOWED (she just got endowed recently at her 1 year mark!) and now gives pension to las hermanas. It was just amazing to see all the miracles that can happen in one year. I saw Deysi again and I gave her a big hug and told her that I don’t know if she remembers me but I remember HER and I am so glad to see all the wonderful changes she’s made in her life in this past year. It was a sweet moment.

Another tender mercy that happened today – I GOT TO VISIT PACASMAYO TODAY! We had a fun p-day de solo hermanas and it happened to be in Pacasmayo. I got to walk around my stomping grounds, see my old branch president, and Lorenita even came to the capilla to see me before I went home to Chiclín! I talked to the current hermanas de Pacasmayo and they caught me up on all that’s happening there right now. MIRACLE that happened is that Eduardo got baptized! He is Nadia’s dad and Milagros’ husband. If you don’t remember who they are Hermana Garcia and I rescued Milagros and baptized Nadia. I love seeing that they are having success based on things we started there!!!

Also while I was in San Pedro I met a Venezuelan family that recently immigrated from Venezuela to Perú…I don’t know what is going on in the real world right now but it gave me a little glimpse as to why in the past general conference they talked all about ‘I Was a Stranger’ and refugees and stuff like that. Seriously we missionaries are clueless!

I love the mission, I love all the things I’m learning here. I love the people I’m meeting and serving and I love this time that I have to be a representative of Jesus Christ! I love telling with POWER and AUTHORITY what people need to do in order to ‘work out their salvation.’ This time really is once-in-a-lifetime and unique. THE MISSION IS THE BEST! MY ONLY ADVICE TO ALL LATTER-DAY SAINT YOUTH IS THAT YOU TRUST IN THE LORD AND SERVE A MISSION!

That’s all, y’all 🙂
Love, Hermana Butikofer
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