August 8, 2016 {Week 60}: I will, because it is Thy will

HEY TODOS well I like doing bullets so I’m just gonna list off all the cool stuff that happened this week:

-6 de agosto was BOLIVIAN INDEPENDENCE DAY! I know what you’re probably all thinking, ‘what Abby I thought Erin was the one in Bolivia?’ and yes don’t worry I’m still here in Perú but I got lucky enough to be with a Bolivian companion on Bolivia’s independence day! So we celebrated by eating ice cream and wearing Bolivia’s colors, red, yellow, and green. I wore my yellow skirt with my green polka dotted shirt and a red cardigan! I looked super adorbs let me tell you! [Still no pictures because still no camera]

-Something hilarious (or at least I thought so) that happened this week: I was reading my scriptures in Spanish and read Alma 14:10, que dice:
Y cuando Amulek vio los dolores de las mujeres y los niños que se consumían en la hoguera, se condolió también, y dijo a Alma: ¿Cómo podemos presenciar esta horrible escena? Extendamos, pues, nuestras manos y ejerzamos el poder de Dios que está en nosotros, y salvémoslos de las llamas.
which basically says ‘and when Alma saw the pain of the women and children that were consumed in the fire, he felt sympathy, and said to Alma: How can we witness this horrible scene? Let us extend, therefore, our hands and exercise the power of God that is in us and save them from the LLAMAS??? What the heck? Save them from the LLAMAS? I read that and I laughed SOOOOO hard jajajajajaja but then I looked in my dictionary and apparently llama also means flames. But HAHAHAHA I drew a little llama in my scriptures and yeah it was just so funny.

-This week I pulled out my English hymnbook (so happy I brought it, by the way! Suggestion to all you future missionaries reading this. If you go foreign it is so great having an english hymnbook!) cause I hadn’t looked at it in a while and tried singing some hymns that we don’t have in Spanish. Well it has been so long that I seriously couldn’t remember the music to like any of them…so sad right…well I decided to try to sight-sing them! I picked a note (making it 1) and sang the scale all the way to 7 and did the arpeggio and all that jazz and then figured out the hymn! I thought Joy Dumas would be so proud of me, shout out to you Mrs. Dumas thanks for teaching me 🙂

A lot has been on my mind this week and I came up with my new life motto: I will, because it is Thy will. Sometimes it is hard to accept the Lord’s will for us but I know that true happiness comes from humbly doing what is asked of us. So I invite you all to apply this to your life. I will, because it is Thy will.

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