July 25, 2016 {Week 58}: This week’s adventures

Hola y’all today I’m gonna do some quick bullets to talk about all that happened this week!

-Well because I’m in Chiclín of course it is part of the culture that you eat sugar cane!! So I ate sugarcane for the first time this week! They literally go out to the field on the side of their house, whack off a piece of sugar cane, and give it you. You have to chew the bark to get the sugar and when it’s all sugared out you spit out the sugar and take another bite!

-The electricity in the whole Casa Grande Valley went out yesterday so we had to have church in the dark! I also gave a talk to introdue myself to this ward. It was cool cause I remember when I have my first talk in Pacasmayo I was sooooo nervous and wrote out a talk word for word but yesterday I just selected a scripture, jotted down a few notes, and went up and spoke for 10 minutes! It was so cool to see my progression!

-Yesterday after Sociedad de Socorro we had a few extra minutes so las hermanas asked me to teach them less-known hymns! It was so fun! I taught them Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me, Beautiful Zion Built Above and a few other of my favorites that people don’t know here. My new assignment is to teach hymns after Sociedad de Socorro every week now! They also all say that I sing like that girl Giselle or however you spell it from Enchanted jajaja. They say that when I sing all the animals come running!

-I met a super cute deaf girl named Paris this week. She is 8 and the daughter of one of our menos activas. She doesn’t hear, doesn’t speak, doesn’t read, and doesn’t speak sign language so the only way to communicate with her is through drawing. I taught her how to draw a star 🙂

-We also had interviews with President on Tuesday! He came up to Casa Grande and interviewed all of us just to get to know us and everything. He and Hermana Marble are so great and I love them so much!!!

OKAY YOU ALL that’s all I have for today. Have a great week and serve your neighbor!!!

Love, Hermana Butikofer



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