July 18, 2016 {Week 57}: Short Update

HOLA A TODOS straight from none other than…Chiclín, Perú! Still getting used to being down here by the coast rather than up in the mountains of Cajamarca. I feel like I’m in Africa or something, or at least a completely different mission, I completely forgot what it was like down here!!! Chiclín is a teeny tiny pueblito and Hermana Sanchez and I are the only missionaries here, which is different than all my other areas. It’s actually kind of fun cause we have the whole place to ourselves! We live in a little upstairs room of someone’s house and we have a big window that faces the street so every morning I open the window and take a deep breath of fresh air, say ‘Buenos días, Chiclín!’  and look out over my little kingdom. Our ward is made up of Chiclín y Chicama, another little pueblito close by. We have a casa-capilla located in Chicama! I had never seen a casa-capilla before so that is something different! Sorry I don’t have much time to say more but I am enjoying it here!!!!

Love, Hermana Butikofer

P.S.Forgot to mention that we had a baptism on Saturday! A girl named Mia, SUPER ESCOGIDA!


[In her personal email to me these were her words about Chiclín. Super small, like 5 blocks by 5 blocks basically. It’s so different here. Chiclín kind of reminds me of the Peruvian version of Mascoutah, Illinois. Or Menan, Idaho. Teeny tiny, everyone knows everyone, surrounded by instead of corn fields or potato fields sugar cane fields. It’s cute though and actually ver,y very clean. The streets are all so clean all the time.  The houses are little and cute and all different colors which is quaint. I think you guys will think it’s a cute little pueblito which it is but it’s definitely not as touristy as Pacasmayo and Cajamarca.]


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