July 11, 2016 {Week 56}: Transferred!

AMIGOS Y FAMILIA! This week was way hard but also really rewarding. Yesterday was a really special day…mine and Hermana Holmes’ last day together. That’s right, I’m getting transferred, this time to a little pueblito called Chiclín! Quite honestly this cambio really took me by surprise, I really thought I was going to the city this time around but nope they’re keeping me far out still! I honestly don’t know a single missionary besides me who has been on the outskirts their whole mission…so I feel a little special and different than most other missionaries for that reason. This cambio is not anything I expected for myself but if there is ANYTHING I have learned on the mission it is to accept the will of the Lord for me with an open, willing, joyful heart. He knows what is best for me especially when I don’t. He knows what I need and He also knows what these people need. In my mission I have been sent to areas that need a little boost…an extra dose of love and encouragement to get the area back on its feet and progressing. I love that I have seen Heavenly Father use my strengths to help these people and I know that Chiclín doesn’t need just anyone but it needs me. We will see miracles there and progress, I am sure of it. I am praying really hard that I love this little pueblito and that they feel my love for them. Oh, I forgot to mention my new companion is la Hermana Sanchez de none other than SANTA CRUZ, BOLIVIA! Super excited to be with one of Erin’s paisanas!!!!




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