June 20, 2016 {Week 53}: UNA SEMANA LOCA

HOLA TODOS!!! Well this week was way crazy, out of the normal, so I’m just going to go day-by-day to tell y’all all about it!

LUNES – Monday we had a special Pday with President and Hermana Marler! We went out to this really cool lake in San Marcos, un distrito de Cajamarca, and it was way beautiful. Picture attached! We just hung out at the lake Monday afternoon and played volleyball lakeside and it was a really cool day.

MARTES – Multizona con Presidente y Hermana Marler! We had an awesome multizona with them, I learned a lot and it was special because it was the last multizona we’ll have with them before they go home. I also got to speak with President Marler for a few minutes, he called me into his office for a mini-interview after the multizona, and I got to talk with him and cry with him and just be strengthened by him! I love him so much!!!!! I am really grateful I got to have that time with him, not every missionary got a last interview with our dear President Marler but I did and I am thankful. His consejo and love always help me and I always leave animada for this work and my calling!!!!

MIERCOLES – WOW so miercoles began the crazy stuff. Remember how last week I had to take Hermana Holmes to the hospital? Well, Wednesday morning the mission called us and said ‘Pack your bags! You’re comin to Trujillo for the week! Be ready to leave in an hour!’ WHAT, way unexpected but Hermana Holmes had to go down for the doctor cause there aren’t that many resources here in Cajamarca haha. So we rushed home, packed our suitcases for the week, and got on a bus an hour later to head down to Trujillo! We spent the whole day traveling and got there that evening.

THURSDAY – I COMPLETED A WHOLE YEAR ON THE MISSION!!!! I don’t care what anyone else says I am pretty sure I celebrated a whole year better than any other missionary ever has ever celebrated their one-year mark. I WENT TO THE TEMPLE!!!! Thursday morning Hermana Holmes got her medication/treatment thing and was immediately doing a lot better so President called us and told us to meet them at the temple that afternoon! SO I got to go to the temple on my one-year mark! It was so awesome!!! Hermana Holmes and I were the first ones there so we took some cute pictures out front waiting for everyone else to get there (the picture I have attached is of me holding out a big number 1 – ONE YEAR!). Then, las zonas Primavera y Casa Grande showed up! Guess what that means! I got to see Hermana Garcia and Hermana Alvarenga!!! They are seriously my favorite people in the whole mission, my mission bffs, so I was so happy to be able to be with them at the temple that day!! Because it was my one year anniversary, I went into the session with a little celebration in my heart. I said in my heart, ‘Heavenly Father, today I complete 1 whole year on the mission!! Let’s celebrate!!!!’ I am so grateful I got to celebrate in the best way possible. We did the session and oh my goodness let me tell y’all that was the best celestial room time I have ever had in my entire life…it was wonderful…there were just us missionaries there, and President and Hermana Marler, and there was no one else in the temple so we had the celestial room all to ourselves…for more than an hour! Like an hour and a half more than, we just sat in the celestial room together mingling and socializing and sharing with each other what we had learned and how we felt and it was just amazing. I talked with my Pacasmayo friend, Elder Cantos, and he told me that Pepe and Amelia were sealed recently!!!! WHAT A STRAIGHT UP MIRACLE YOU GUYS!!! I also chatted with my friend Elder Alles, he is from my group and is training right now as well, we talked about how training is going and how we can help our hijitos better and strengthen the wards we’re serving in, I also talked to Hermana Garcia and Hermana Alvarenga, it was so special, they were sitting with each other in chairs next to each other so I just me acerqué a ellas y me arrodillé and I sat there on the celestial room floor for like 20 minutes speaking with them, sharing with each other what we had learned from the session that day, etc. It was amazing. Then I also spoke with los asistentes y los secretarios, it was so good to hear from them what they had learned as well. I got to share with them some of the things Hermana Holmes and I are learning together too. I talked to President and Hermana Marler and some other hermanas as well and well as you can tell it was just the best celestial room time I’ve ever had in my entire life. I love the temple so much, especially the Trujillo temple!!!!

VIERNES – Friday they kept us in Trujillo just to keep an eye on Hermana Holmes and how she was doing, something funny that happened that day was that I met Trujillo Sur missionaries for the first time! Hermana Holmes and I were walking to la capilla de California when we saw some elders so we crossed the street to saludar them and say hi and then I saw their nametags – they said Misión Perú Trujillo Sur!! I was like whaaat, you’re from the south mission! I’ve never seen south missionaries before!! And they laughed and asked me how much time I have on the mission, I said one year, and then they looked at me like I was crazy, like ‘you have a whole year on the mission and you’ve never seen south missionaries before??’ and I had to explain that I’ve never been in Trujillo so yeah jaja that’s why. But it was super weird to see missionaries from another mission!!!

SÁBADO – they kept us another day in Trujillo, so we went proselyting con las hermanas de California! AND GET THIS. I was with Hermana Messina (CCM comp woot woot) and her hija, Hermana Gallardo, and they were using their directorio to contact a menos activa. So we knock on a door and out comes a lady from the balcony above and we start talking to her. Well, she wasn’t the lady we were looking for, but she said that her sobrino is a member of our church and that ‘he got married there recently in that big church por Huanchaco’ (el templo.) She said his name is Manual Piedra. So I heard that and I was like hey…I know a Manual Piedra! And hey…he just got married in the temple recently!!! I asked where he is from and she said Pacasmayo! And I was like NO WAY I KNOW HIM!!!! YOU GUYS. THAT LADY IS ROBERTO’S SISTER!!!!!!! We met Roberto’s sister in California the day I was there!!! Manuel is Roberto’s son and Roberto is one of my converts from Pacasmayo!!! That was seriously the miracle of the day, I know Heavenly Father guided us to her that day. If I hadn’t been there no one who have known or realized the connection but I was and now they’re going to start working with her!! SO EXCITED!!!!! Milagros is our milagro 🙂

DOMINGO – We finally traveled back to Cajamarca yesterday! It’s so good to be home, I love this city!!!!

WELL YOU ALL that has been my crazy week! I LOVE YOU ALL, HAVE A GREAT ONE!!!!!

Love, Hermana Butikofer


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