June 13, 2016 {Week 52}: One Year Anniversary

HOLA TODOS well this week was another great one! Just a good, normal week here en el campo misional. This weekend the Marlers are here in Cajamarca for the last time before they go home at the end of the month and last night we had a Charla Fogonera with them, it went super well and was really beautiful. Hermana Holmes accompanied several songs on the piano and I was really proud of her for that, she NAILED it, and Elder Mead and I did a mini duet as part of another song which was fun. We also watched a video of the Trujillo temple as part of la charla and even though I’ve been to that temple a million times I STILL shed several tears while watching the video. I love the Trujillo temple with all my heart!!!!

Something different that happened this week was that I had to take Hermana Holmes to the hospital! No worries, she’s getting better, but I was super nervous to go to the hospital with her because she’s still learning Spanish and I’m the one who had to check us in, talk to the doctors, the hospital workers, etc. I’ve never been to a hospital in the states by myself so I was obviously really nervous to do so in a foreign country and in another language! But we survived and made it out alive so I would give myself a pat on the back for my language skills. I was really nervous I wouldn’t understand the medical language or be able to describe her problem but we did it successfully! And seriously no worries she’s doing fine!

Something CRAZY happening this week is that I complete ONE WHOLE YEAR on the mission! I can’t believe I’ve already been here a whole year, time is flying by. I love the mission and I love this country and this city and these people and this language and I never want it to end. I have learned a LOT on the mission and I honestly feel like I’m a different person. A lot different than I was a year ago, a better person. Two of the biggest things I have learned on the mission are humility and charity. The mission has a way of humbling you in a way that nothing else and no other experience can…and charity, because seriously it is my JOB and RESPONSIBILITY to love these people and help them feel the love of their Savior. I could talk forever about all the things I’ve learned on the mission thus far but unfortunately I only have two minutes left so I’m just going to have to leave it at that. But I love the mission, I love you all, and I’m so grateful for this experience that Heavenly Father is giving me.

Here’s to making the next six months the best six months ever!!!!!

Love, Hermana Butikofer



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