June 6, 2016 {Week 51}: Who else can say they turned 20 in Cajamarca, Perú?

I WANTED TO TELL Y’ALL THIS AWESOME THING. This past month every single companionship in Cajamarca had a baptism. Also we get to go to Celendín for a special Pday! HOW EXCITING IS THAT?! I’M SO EXCITED!

Also my birthday last week was awesome let me quick tell you everything we did:

-woke up, got ready, ate breakfast, opened my present
-went to internet
-then Hermana Holmes and I went to la Plaza de Armas and got the famous Cajamarca ice cream and ate it in the grass in the Plaza de Armas in the center of Cajamarca!!! It was just so gorgeous and a dream. I felt like I was dreaming.
-then we went to the bus station because some of the missionaries were getting transferred.  So that was the only sad part of the day.

-then we went to Nora’s (my pension) for lunch with the elders
-then we went to Baños del Inca, to the American store, where Hermana Holmes and I bought stuff to make chocolate chip cookies!!!
-so we went back to our room where we made the dough and didn’t end up cooking the cookies so we just ate the chocolate chip cookie dough and it was amazing
-then Rossmery (the elder’s pension) invited us over for ‘dinner’ but we got there and they had actually planned a surprise birthday party for me!!!!! It was the best!!!! So the whole district was there with all my favorite foods and we ate cake and they sang me Happy Birthday and it was so fun. I had the best birthday ever!!! Who else can say they turned 20 in Cajamarca, Perú????

Anyway so I just wanted to tell you those fun things!!!

Love you all! I promise I’ll write a better letter next week.  I ran out time today.

Have a great week,
Hermana Butikofer



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