May 30, 2016 {Week 50}: Cheers to 20 years!

HOLA EVERYONE well today is a special day because it’s my birthday!!! Thank you everyone for the sweet birthday messages, I feel so loved and remembered, especially because I haven’t talked to the majority of you face to face in almost a year if not more 🙂 but thank you all for making my day, it has been so special!

Well this week was a whirlwind! We unexpectedly had to travel to Trujillo for a few days this week for a meeting which was fun! I love traveling to Trujillo, it is like a mini vacation on the mish 🙂 being down there also made me kind of excited to go there one day, almost a year into the mission and still haven’t been in Trujillo. I’ve been far out my whole mission! But chances are my next area will be in Trujillo so I’m getting excited for that.

So because we traveled to Trujillo and were gone for three days we missed the Chocotalentazo! But the elders were still there and they said it was a blast and a big hit with a good turnout. Sad we missed it but happy it turned out well! Also, the tarde blanca did happen on Saturday but unfortunately Ivan did not get baptized that day, he’s going to get baptized just still working through a few things with him and helping his faith grow a little more. So that’s the update on that!

Sundays are just always the best days of the week. Yesterday we had a cita with Elvin, our menos activo, and Frank and Jorge, two RMs in the ward, called us and asked if they could accompany us. So we go to Elvin’s house and guess who’s also there?? Their other RM friend, Andres. So it was like a party so they called their OTHER RM friend, Mauro, and told him to come over so Hermana Holmes and I taught Elvin about diezmo (tithing) with the help of 4 RMs, Frank, Jorge, Andres, and Mauro. Needless to say it was super powerful and we felt the Spirit really strongly, I don’t think I’ve ever felt the Spirit that strong in a lesson about diezmo before. Elvin is slowing but surely progressing, I refuse to give up hope on him because I know he can be a force for good in the Church!!!

Something that I’m learning, especially from teaching Elvin, is the power of ayuno y oración (fasting and prayer). Elvin knows everything about the church and its doctrine, right now he just lacks the spiritual witness and testimony of it all. And guess who else was like that? Alma the Younger. And what did his father and everyone else do? They fasted and prayed for him, that he would have a spiritual experience and receive that conversion. I feel like that’s the situation with Elvin. We can teach him all that we want but with him he just has to receive that spiritual confirmation first, and we can only fast and pray that it will come. And I KNOW that when it does he will be just as powerful here in Pueblo Libre as Alma the Younger and the sons of Mosiah were!!!!

I LOVE THE MISSION, I LOVE THIS PLACE, THIS LANGUAGE, THESE PEOPLE. I love that everyone’s mission is created SPECIFICALLY for them, with only that individual in mind. Heavenly Father knows who He needs me to become and that’s why He’s giving me these experiences here in Perú. So excited for my sweet friend PAIGE who leaves tomorrow on her once-in-a-lifetime experience to BARCELONA, SPAIN. I know this is exactly what Heavenly Father wants for you and that it is the best decision you could make at this time!!! Buena suerte Hermana Brudnicki le quiero mucho!!!!

Once again, thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone!!! Cheers to 20 years!!!

Love, Hermana Butikofer

Beyond beautiful Cajamarca!
Party in box
My cute little friend!


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