May 23, 2016 {Week 49}:It’s been a busy week

HOLA TODOS let me just talk about how yesterday was the best Sunday ever!!!!!! Wanna know why? Okay well let me tell you the story:

My first cambio here in Pueblo Libre Hermana Rodriguez and I had this awesome investigador se llama Hammer and HE WAS SO ESCOGIDO AND PERFECT. He came to church with us, we felt the Spirit in our lessons, etc. It was great. But at the end of the cambio he broke the news to us that he and his sister would be moving to Chiclayo…we were really sad…but we contacted the Chiclayo mission and sent them his reference and missionaries in Chiclayo found them and have been teaching them! He would call us every once in a while to let us now how he’s doing, etc. AND WELL. GET THIS. Hammer showed up at church yesterday!!!! Here in Cajamarca!!!!!!! I saw him walk through the doors and I literally couldn’t contain my excitement!!!!! He came and sat next to us and it was just the greatest thing in the entire world!! I hadn’t seen him in like 3 months and he showed up at church yesterday! So I asked what in the world is he doing here in Cajamarca, I thought he was in Chiclayo! He said that they want to move back to Cajamarca and that he’s here looking for a place to live! AND THERE’S MORE. His sister, India, has a baptism date for the 4th of June!!! He doesn’t have a date yet but he’s going to get baptized I just know it. He stayed the whole 3 hours at church yesterday and then yesterday afternoon he asked if he could accompany us! I was just blown away, like Hammer you aren’t even a member yet and you want to accompany the missionaries?? Yeah let’s go!! So he spent the afternoon with us going from visita to visita and it was just awesome. I love him so much I am so excited for him and India. I will keep y’all updated.

Also, funny story, yesterday a member, Hermana Hermés, saw Hammer with us and started talking to him, asked him if he was an ‘investigator.’ I heard him say no that he wasn’t an investigator so later that afternoon I asked him why he had said he wasn’t an investigator. He said well I’m not an investigator, what’s an investigator? I explained that it’s the term we use for people who are listening to the missionaries and coming to church but aren’t baptized members yet. He was like ooooooooooooohhhhh I thought it meant that she thought I was there from like church headquarters or something to see how y’all were praying and stuff. JAJAJAJAJAJA I just laughed so hard, like noooooooo not that type of investgator Hammer jajajajaja. BUT ANWYAY I’M SO EXCITED FOR HIM STAY TUNED.

Also, yesterday Elvin came to church!!! Elvin is one of our menos activos and he is poco a poco coming back to the gospel. It’s been a long process with him but yesterday was his 3rd assistance [Spanglish] which was awesome. Frank and Mauro, two JAS [??] here in this ward, say that no other missionaries, elders or hermanas, have ever been able to make a break with him and that just seeing him come back with us shows them that we are the misioneras escogidas por el Señor to help him!!! He is seriously such a good guy and I see a lot of potential in him. He will be a great member and leader in the Church once he’s active again!!

Also, SAMUEL CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY. Samuel is the nonmember husband of a really good member, Lili, and I want to teach him sooooooooo badly I know he will get baptized and be a really strong member of the church. Well I met him for the first time at the end of last transfer and could immediately tell that he’s an escogido. I’ve been looking for him for like a whole transfer now and haven’t been able to find him yet until YESTERDAY, when he randomly showed up with his wife to church! SO EXCITED TO TEACH HIM I KNOW THIS IS FATE AND THAT HE IS AN ESCOGIDO. I love seeing Pueblo Libre explode with la obra misional!!!!

Coming up this week: Friday night is the long-awaited for CHOCOTALENTAZO. That’s right, a night of chocolate and talent del Barrio Pueblo Libre. So excited, it’s gonna be a great ward activity! Also, Saturday is la tarde blanca! Aka all the missionaries with baptisms this week are combining all our baptisms and doing one huge service on Saturday. So excited, it’s going to be really special and powerful with musical numbers and a member of the stake presidency is even going to speak. If everything goes according to plan Ivan will be getting baptized at the tarde blanca!! If y’all don’t remember he is the father of the military family we met back in Februrary!!! So excited for him and Gabi, this is literally a dream come true!!!!

Well that’s all I have for y’all this week! Remember to always search, ponder, and pray 🙂 I love the scriptures and I love the mission!

Love, Hermana Butikofer



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