May 16, 2016 {Week 48}: Awesome Week

HOLA TODOS this week was a great one!!! We kind of got a slow start to the week but this weekend ended up really awesome and we ended the week strong! The best part being that we had FOUR MEMBERS accompany us yesterday! It was awesome, we just went from cita to cita with different members all day. And we ended up having 26 lessons this week which was higher than my average of 21 🙂 I like to keep track of the statistics to see how we’re doing 😉

Well today I wanted to give a little update on how the training is going! Hermana Holmes is so great and I am a little grateful I got a gringa hija cause I honestly think it is helping me relearn how to love gringos again haha. But she is really great and we actually connect on multiple levels because a) She’s a triplet! I know, how cool right?? And her siblings are also on the mission so she totally understands what it’s like to have a twin and a BFF by your side your whole life. and b) she went to USU before the mission too! So we have mutual friends and we both love Logan and all that jazz. Also, GET THIS. You all have heard about/seen the Instagram account @missionariescomingsoon right? Where everyone with their call sends in their call and it gets posted and you can find other people going to your mission? I’ve actually met 3 of my 5 companions through @missionariescomingsoon, crazy right? Well you all HERMANA HOLMES IS MISSIONARIESCOMINGSOON. How cool is that??? She owns that account! So anyway she’s cool and we’re really happy together!

I also wanted to mention today my love for the Spanish language. There is so much cariño in Spanish that we just can’t express in English…I can literally FEEL people’s love for me when they speak with cariño and I just hope that people can feel the love I have for them through my Spanish. I am becoming convinced that part of the reason I was sent Spanish-speaking is so that people would be able to feel the love I have for them through this language, because it’s so hard to express that same kind of love in any other language. I love learning more and more Spanish every day, truly learning to master this language, so that people can understand how much I love them. And I love showing my love for these people through my mastery of their language. I have a testimony that if I learn to speak their language to the best of my ability they will see that I truly listen to them, that I care about them, that I want to help them come unto Christ. So I always push myself to perfect my Spanish so that the Peruvian people can feel the love I have for them 🙂

I love you all!!! Have a fantastic week!!!

I got my hair trimmed for the first time in 11 months!


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