May 9, 2016 {Week 47}: Several pictures of my sweet missionary life

Hola everyone! Today is a very special day…today marks the one-year anniversary since I went through the temple!!! I can’t believe a WHOLE YEAR has passed since I went through the temple for the first time and received my own endowment 🙂 I remember my freshman year at USU I would see other people walking around campus and know that they were endowed and honestly I was soooooo jealous…that they had those blessings and that power that comes from the endowment and I still didn’t. And I thought that the day would NEVER come that I would finally be endowed! I have always loved the temple so so so much, even before I was endowed and before I was called to this mission. But after I got my mission call…I knew it was divine inspiration that I was called to Trujillo, with the brand new beautiful temple that was dedicated my very first Sunday in the mission. I love the Trujillo temple with all my heart, my eyes still tear up every time I enter the beautiful celestial room. I know that a huge reason I was called to this mission is because of the temple we have here…getting my call here was an answer to prayers and a fulfillment of my patriarchal blessing 🙂 I know that the temple is the house of the Lord, I know that the endowment gives us divine power and the knowledge we need to return to God’s presence. I know Heavenly Father places His temples in places where the people are ready to enter it, to recieve its ordinances and covenants and keep them worthily. I know the temple is preparing the hearts of these people here in Trujillo, Pacasmayo, and Cajamarca to recieve us into their homes and our message into their hearts. I love the temple, I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who knew we would need a place that connects the heaven and the earth to learn of Him and feel His spirit. He is so loving and merciful towards us, and that is why He has given us temples and why Trujillo is blessed with one so beautiful.

Hermana Butikofer



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