May 2, 2016 {Week 46}: Wedding + Baptism = Great Week

HOLA Y’ALL! This week was sooooooooooo good, wanna know why? BECAUSE CARLOS GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY! And he and Price got married on Friday! This is literally every missionary’s dream, let me tell y’all the story:

So we met Price and Carlos near the end of my first transfer here but we didn’t really start teaching them until the beginning of my second transfer. Price was a menos activa but has always had a really strong testimony, just had fallen away for a time. And Carlos was her non-member boyfriend! So we started working with them, teaching them, and helping them come to church and everything. Then they found out that Price was pregnant, and that really just helped them realize that they really needed to get their lives back in order and everything, and Price realized that she really needed to come back to church. So they decided to get married and Carlos decided to get baptized! The wedding went sooo well, it was all very beautiful and went smoothly which I consider a miracle. Earlier this week we were kind of freaking out about the papers, about the judge and the witnesses and everything, but we prayed super hard that everything would work out fine and smoothly and it all did, just in time! And then Carlos got baptized on Saturday afternoon. The Spirit was sooooo strong, and his joy was SO FULL. You could literally see on his face how happy he was. Well I’m super sorry, I had lots of things to say today but that’s all I have time for!!!

Hermana Butikofer



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