April 25, 2016 {Week 45}: A Cool Story

HOLA AMIGOS Y FAMILIA! So I’m sure you’re all wondering how training is going! Let me introduce to you la fantástica HERMANA HOLMES de Maptleton, Utah!

Let me quick tell a super cool story:

Back in September or October, during my training, I got an email from a super cute girl named McKenna Holmes. She told me that she had just gotten her call to Peru Trujillo North and that she had found my blog online and had a few questions for me! When I read her first email I thought to myself, ‘I’m gonna train that girl.’ We continued writing and she told me all about herself and her family, I told her all about the mission, my areas, etc and we became friends! Then she went off to the MTC and then President Marler told me I was gonna train. I was thinking about mentioning something to him, like ‘I have a friend coming to this mission this cambio, I would really love to train her if I could!!!!’ but I decided not to say anything. I decided to let the will of the Lord be done and see how it all played out 🙂 I also thought about telling Hermana Holmes that I would be training the cambio that she came here to the field but I once again decided not to say anything. So she didn’t know I would be there in the cambio meeting at all!! And when we saw each other we made eye contact but I told her not to say anything! Cause I wanted to see the will of the Lord be done. AND THEN…WE GOT OUR HIJAS. And they called Hermana Holmes to the front of the room and then they said she would be going to CAJAMARCA with HERMANA BUTIKOFER! And I was like NO WAY HERMANA HOLMES!!!!!! And ran up to the front and gave her a huge hug!!! And we jumped up and down and it was totally awesome!!! So I’m super happy to be with her. After I found out I would be training near the end of last transfer I started saying in my prayers, ‘Heavenly Father if it’s gonna be a latina let it be a latina cause I love latinas with all my heart but if it’s gonna be a gringa please let it be Hermana Holmes!’ So I know my prayers were totally answered, I know Heavenly Father wants and needs us to be together at this time, and I know that President Marler is an inspired man.

Another sweet tender mercy last week: On Tuesday, I got to spend the day with my two favorite people in the whole mission, Hermana Alvarenga and Hermana Garcia!!! They are companions now and I am sooooo excited for them!!! They are both so great, so powerful, so wonderful and I know they will work tons of miracles together. Being with them was so perfect, like can we be in a trio please??? That would be the best thing to ever happen. And of course I cried despidiendome de ellas, particularly Hermana Garcia, because I love her a ridiculous amount.

WELL EVERYONE THAT’S BEEN MY WEEK! Love you all!!! Be kind and love your neighbor!!

Hermana Butikofer


A few pictures of our first day together

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