April 18, 2016 {Week 44}: Surprise! I’m in Trujillo!

Hola a toditos de…Trujillo, Perú! That’s right I’m in Trujillo for a few days this week because I’M TRAINING! Super excited (and nervous) for this new adventure. I pick up mi hija on Wednesday morning and then later Wednesday we head up the mountains to Cajamarca! More details to come next week, and pics as well with my new companion! But first I wanna tell a few stories:

1) Good news: For the first time in 10 months here in Perú, I found peanut butter! I have forgotten how delicious it is and have been eating it with a spoon every morning during my studies. Bad news: I finished a whole bottle of peanut butter in like 4 days. Shame on me.

2) PRICE AND CARLOS OFFICIALLY GOT ENGAGED THIS WEEK! It was the best thing ever. They invited us 4 missionaries over to their house for a Noche de Hogar and during the NdH we sent Price to the store to buy like milk or something (how sneaky are we) and while she was gone Hermana Sellan and I ran to the tienda around the corner to buy candles! While we were buying candles Carlos changed into his snazzy suit and the elders set up the front room. We lit the candles and hid just in time for Price to come walking into the house, totally not expecting it at all! She saw Carlos standing there in his suit and tie and started to cry, he got down on one knee, and before he could even say anything she said ‘sí mi amor, sí quiero casarme contigo!’ it was the sweetest thing ever and they both cried. I love the mission because experiences like this show me that I really am changing lives and helping people come unto Christ. Price and Carlos have changed their lives around for this message and this Church because they KNOW it is true!

3) So like I mentioned earlier, I’m going to be training a new missionary this cambio! So excited to meet her, love her, teach her all the things I’ve learned so far on my mission and help her get a great start to a great mission. I got the call Saturday night so I cleaned our room as clean as it has ever been before, bought her goodies and sweets to surprise her when we get back to Cajamarca, and wrote her a few sweet notes. I left Cajamarca last night on a night bus (super nice btw) and got here to Trujillo just in time for the capacitación de capacitadores to start. Literally just minutes to spare, not even enough time to change or brush my teeth…#cajamarcaprobs. Also the bus broke down on the way in the middle of the mountains so that’s why we were running terribly late. But the important thing is I got here right on time for our meeting! I will be staying in a part of Trujillo called California today and tomorrow and on Wednesday morning I meet my sweet hijita! I remember how nervous I was the leave the CCM so I can only imagine how she feels right about now. Please keep her in your prayers! That she will be comforted in this time 🙂 We will be returning to Cajamarca on Wednesday and then back to real mission life. I am so excited to introduce her to all our great people allá en Pueblo Libre and work miracles with her these next two transfers. I have a feeling these will be a great few months with her 🙂


Hermana Butikofer (almost typed Love, Abby but then I remembered that’s not my name anymore jajajaja)

IMG_2862.JPGPreparing for my brand new companion

As seen around my neighborhood
I had forgotten how good peanut butter is!

Love my missionary peeps!
So lucky to have been able to spend time with the awesome Hermana Sellan!
Cajamarca is beautiful
Inca Kola, the Peruvian national soda. Find it and try it.IMG_2800.JPG
Sister missionaries in Cajamarca

The proposal.


One thought on “April 18, 2016 {Week 44}: Surprise! I’m in Trujillo!

  1. Sharon and bob martines says:

    looks very nice abby, you look like your with a good bunch of people. So good to be able to communicate with you. Thank you sweet girl


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