April 4, 2016 {Week 42}: Lots of Best Things Ever

OKAY Y’ALL LET’S JUST TALK ABOUT HOW GREAT CONFERENCE WAS I AM LIKE ON TOP OF THE WORLD RIGHT NOW. I straight-up cheered (reverently) at least 3 times this conference: 1) when they announced that the Perú Trujillo Temple had been dedicated this year! Yes yes yes yes yes too perfect for words. All of us missionaries cheered and clapped and it was awesome. 2) When they announced that Quito, Ecuador will be getting a temple!!! YES!!! Two of my mission BFFs are from Ecuador (Hermana Sellan y Elder Males) so of course I am beyond excited for them. Cool story is that on Saturday Hermana Sellan and I were talking about the Church in Ecuador and I told her, ‘Hermana Sellan, I don’t know why Ecuador doesn’t have another temple. It NEEDS another temple. In Quito.’ And look what happened! Quito is getting a temple! I totally predicted it, it was awesome. She watched GenCon in Spanish and I watched in English so after we were reunited after that session I ran to her and gave her a huge hug!!! And I screamed, ‘le dije le dije le dijeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!’ It was the greatest moment ever. We are both so happy. 3) WHEN THEY ANNOUNCED THAT LIMA WILL BE GETTING ANOTHER TEMPLE! Can you guys believe it??? Less than a year ago Perú had one dedicated temple and NOW we have TWO dedicated temples and two more announced. The work is progressing here sooooooo much and sooooooo quickly! I am so happy, excited, and most of all GRATEFUL to serve in THIS PLACE at THIS TIME. We missionaries are ‘preparing the hearts of the people for the temple.’ I am straight-up obsessed with this country, this language, these people. The mission is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Other talks that I loved: Quentin L. Cook’s about temples, ELDER HOLLAND’S TALK ABOUT ÁNIMO (direct answer to prayers and EXACTLY what I needed to hear right now), Ballard’s about family councils, STEVEN E. SNOW’S ABOUT HUMILITY just to name a few. Conference is always the best thing ever!

Well other than Conference not much happened this week…Hermana Sellan got food poisoning earlier in the week so we had to stay inside a couple days. But I was okay with it cause I got to be SUPER productive on other missionary things! I organized our area book and found some great registros de antiguos investigadores that we have started to contact, updated our area folder, am starting to review 12 semanas and some other things. I’m speaking missionary-speak right now aren’t I?! The point is I got to be super productive while pobrecita Hermana Sellan was sick in bed!

Have I told y’all about my pet cactus? Well, if I haven’t, let me tell you. I have a cactus and his name is Pepito. I’ve always liked plants (fun fact: when I was little I had a bonsai tree) so one day about 6 months ago I decided to go to the mercado and buy myself a cactus. So I did! And Hermana Garcia helped me pick out a super latino name, Pepe, and because he’s chiquito, Pepito. He’s my little buddy and I give him water a couple times a week and keep him in the sunlight on my desk. It’s so easy to make the mission fun and different!


Well that’s all I have for this week’s update! Do as our sweet prophet directs and use your agency to CHOOSE THE RIGHT.

Love you all!!!
Love, Hermana Butikofer



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