March 28, 2016 {Week 41}: Felicidad Empieza con Fe

HOLA DE CAJAMARCA, PERÚ! So this week was awesome cause this weekend WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE! Gosh I love the temple so much and being in Trujillo felt like being on vacation jaja. A mini-vacation in the mission 🙂 We got to stay in the super nice temple hotel, HOT WATER SHOWERS, and Trujillo weather is basically Florida. I was thinking about my mother and sister who are in Florida this week for spring break, my father who is in Hawaii for work and me being in Trujillo was basically the same! [Poor Erin is still in the steamy jungle.] Se llama la ciudad de eterna primavera por razón 😉 (there is a reason they call Trujillo the city of eternal spring) anyway so being in the temple was like a dream, I didn’t realize how spiritually drained I was until I got to the temple and realized how relieved I was to finally be there again. I basically cried during the entire session because the endowment is SO BEAUTIFUL and the love of the Lord is so real. How special to be in the temple the week of Easter to remember and celebrate His Atonement and Resurrection!

Something that I have been focusing on and working on recently is my personal happiness. Those who now me know that I’m a happy person but something I have realized on the mission is that sometimes I let my happiness depend on my circumstances a little too much…who I’m with, where I am, etc. And I have realized that that really shows where my priorities are and where they need to be! My happiness shouldn’t be dependent on worldly things but on those celestial…so my new personal motto is ‘Felicidad empieza con FE’ and for those of you still learning Spanish, ‘Happiness begins with faith’ (yes, I came up with that myself :)) and I am putting it into practice. I know that by placing my faith in the Lord in ALL things I will find EVERLASTING happiness!

Coming up this week: CONFERENCIA GENERAL! So so so so so so so excited to hear the words of the living prophets this weekend! The power of the priesthood is REAL and the windows of heaven are STILL open today. We watched the Women’s Session on Saturday and let me just say that I am so pumped to be a Latter-Day Saint woman! Antes de la misión and even here on the mission for a while I didn’t like Relief Society like at all…pretty sure that happens to all YW haha. But here on the mission I have learned to LOVE it! Like how powerful and divine, a group of Christlike women and leaders going about doing good. Relief Society and Women’s Session get me so excited to be a woman in these latter days.

I love Cajamarca and I love Pueblo Libre. This week we were unexpectedly invited to a velorio (funeral) for a family member of a family in another ward…we didn’t know either family so we were confused as to why this family had insisted that we come but now it is so clear. The mother of a young non-member family who lives in our area passed away from cancer this week and we went to her velorio to meet her family…well long story short this family is totally golden and I am so excited to work with them! It’s amazing to see Heavenly Father guide us to people who not only need the the gospel and the missionaries but who need ME. I am seeing this so often here in this area, that we are meeting people who need US specifically. It is a testament to me that this is exactly where I am needed right now! I love the Lord and His guidance and inspiration.

Much love de las montañas,
Hermana Butikofer

I love my companion, Hermana Sellan!
Obligatory temple selfie
Reunited with Hermana Garcia in Trujillo this week!
This little puppy was so cute I wanted to bring him home


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