March 21, 2016 {Week 40}: Progress & Miracles

Hola todos! Today is only a media (half) Pday because on Friday WE ARE GOING TO THE TEMPLE! So stoked you guys. We will bajar (descend) de Cajamarca on Thursday (which will be our real Pday), be in Trujillo on Friday, and subir (ascend) again this weekend. This is my first time bajando y subiendo (descending and ascending) [recall that Abby is at 9000+ ft in the Andes] so I’m kind of nervous, ever since I got here to the mountains two months ago I haven’t left. So I will tell you all how it goes next week! On Friday morning we will be in the temple and Friday afternoon we have a multizona with my old zone, Guadalupe! Wanna know what that means? I’M GONNA SEE HERMANA GARCIA! Soooooo excited to be reunited with my BFF once again.

This week has been one full of PROGRESS and MIRACLES. Remember last week how I said we were going to Santa Apolonia with Price and Carlos? Well get this. We climbed to the top of Santa Apolonia with them where there are THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VIEWS EVER of all of Cajamarca. It is breathtaking. And when we got to the top they told us, ¨Hermanas, we have 3 pieces of news to tell you. 1. Price is pregnant. 2. We are getting married! 3. CARLOS WANTS TO GET BAPTIZED!!!!¨ It was seriously the best thing ever!!!! They took us up to the top of Santa Apolonia to tell us the best news in the whole wide world!!!!!! So the baby is a girl, well they’re pretty sure, they’re finding out for sure tomorrow, due the end of July (we’re praying that we’re both here to see it born!) and we’re trying to convince them to name her Abby Begoña JAJAJAJA 🙂 They set a wedding date, April 15, and Carlos accepted a baptism date 23 April. I have been praying for miracles in this area and I definitely consider this an answer to my prayers. When I first got here to Pueblo Libre my old companion pointed out their house to me and said ¨There lives a family of menos activos, but they don’t want anything to do with us.¨ Well…I just want to bear my testimony of the importance of giving people a second chance. Price and Carlos have been PREPARED and other missionaries thought they didn’t want anything to do with us and that they didn’t progress at all but to help people progress we have to enfocarnos en sis necesidades (focus on their needs) and most important SHOW THEM OUR LOVE. That is really one of the biggest things I have learned on the mission. People progress when they feel our love and the love of the Savior. I will keep y’all updated on the Price/Carlos Story!

On Wednesday, I completed 9 months on the mission! I had been dreading that day but it was actually a pretty great day! In the morning we did more service at the costume store  and my district surprised me with a cute ¨Happy 9 Months Hermana Beauti!¨ sign! It was the best. I love them. That afternoon we celebrated with Carlos & Price by watching La Restauración. We ate popcorn and drank soda and had a little fiesta 🙂 they even bought me a little present, a pair of shoes! They are the sweetest and the best ever.

On Saturday, I ATE CUY FOR THE FIRST TIME. Yes, CUY. For you gringos who don’t know what that means, cuy is guinea pig. Yes, I ate a guinea pig. I told my pensionista that in my 9 months in Perú I still hadn’t eaten cuy so the first thing she did was go out and buy us a guinea pig and she cooked it for me and I ate it for lunch. It was pretty good…an interesting experience. Not my fave, but I’d eat it again if someone offered it to me haha.

Today is Roberto’s birthday! Roberto, if y’all don’t remember, is my sweet friend from Pacasmayo and today he completes 69 years. So this morning I called him to wish him a happy birthday! It was so fun to catch up with him for a few minutes and hear that he’s doing well, attending church, reading the scriptures, and progressing in the gospel. I love him!

Well you all that has been my week, a good one with an even better one surely to follow. So excited to visit the most BEAUTIFUL temple in the whole world on Friday and be strengthened by the Spirit that resides there. For those of you with a temple nearby, make it a habit to visit the temple once in a while, whether that be on the inside or just the outside. You will be strengthed by it 🙂


a very happy Hermana Butikofer

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