March 14, 2016 {Week 39}: A Full Week

HOLA DE CAJAMARCA, PERÚ! This week has been sooooo good, full of miracles and progress in our ward here!

The biggest thing that happened this week: the elders’ investigator family got baptized! What a miracle, let me tell you. They are Oscar y Rosa y su hijo Angel and they also have a little hijita de 5 añitos se llama Romina. They got married on Friday, baptized on Saturday, and confirmed on Sunday!

Friday was a super fun day, in the morning we did service for a lady en el barrio Chontapaccha by organizing her COSTUME BUSINESS! So guess what we did: dressed up in all her fun costumes while we worked! It was seriously so fun and so funny, but unfortunately I forgot my camera that morning so I don’t have any pictures to send y’all. But we have plans to go back some P-day soon to play! It was the greatest service opportunity ever.

Then Friday afternoon we spent in the chapel cleaning and decorating to get ready for the WEDDING! The wedding was that night and it was so fun and so great. Actually the first wedding I’ve ever been to in my life. And some of our investigators came which was awesome! Price, our menos activa, her boyfriend, Carlos, and Price’s family. During la fiestita afterwards I hugged the bride, Rosa, and told her she looked beautiful and that I was so happy for her. What she responded in return really melted me heart – ‘Sí, y lo que es aún mejor es que mañana nos bautizamos.’ ‘Yes, and what is even better is that tomorrow we’re getting baptized.’ So happy to see such a converted family enter the waters of baptism. HUGE Kudos to Elders Oviatt, Pulsipher, and Herde who worked with this family. I always tell Elder Oviatt that he completed ‘every missionary’s dream’ – baptizing a family.

I mentioned Carlos y Price, one of our investigators and menos activa – I love them so much! They are both 20 and what is so fun is that yes, they’re our investigators, but they’re also our friends! Today we’re going to Santa Apolonia with them and will be hanging out with them en el centro 🙂 I love having friends from all over the world!

Last week we went to a place called Cumbe Mayo, basically huge rocks in the middle of the mountains, and it was super cool. Hopefully some pictures come through for y’all!

Can I just talk about how much I am obsessed with Spanish? It is the perfect language. The more I learn Spanish, the more I realize that English is wacky and doesn’t make any sense. Everything in Spanish is so straightforward, so clear, and I love it! I am straight-up obsessed with this language, this place, this country, and these people. [Abby reminded me of the Why English Is So Hard poem.  If you have never seen it, check it out!]

Well that’s all I have for y’all this week! I COMPLETE 9 MONTHS THIS WEEK SO PLEASE BE PRAYING FOR ME cause quite honestly I’m devastated. Time is flying by wayyyyyyy too fast!!!!


Hermana Buti



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