March 7, 2016 {Week 38}: Love from the Andes

BUENOS DÍAS AMIGOS Y FAMILIA this week has been a week of progress and miracles! A straight-up GOOD WEEK. Here goes:

1) This week I finished reading the Book of Mormon again in English! This time I read it marking all the references to HEARTS. There are 444 references in total 🙂 I have learned soooooo much about the heart, the condition of the heart, and where our heart really needs to be at the end of this life. I have truly felt my heart growing and changing by doing this excercise, it really has changed my testimony and quite honestly my life. My heart is bigger and purer than it was before!

2) WE FOUND A FAMILY THIS WEEK. A PERFECT FAMILY. Mom, Dad, married, and 3 kids! And what’s even better: THEY’RE A MILITARY FAMILY! A Peruvian military family! Maybe I shouldn’t be as excited about that as I am but I just love how Heavenly Father guides us to people perfect for US and so specific for US. So perfect and specific for ME. I am so excited to teach a military family like my own. The mom is menos activa and the dad and kids are not members (but not for long jijijijijijiji!)

3) Yesterday Hermana Sellan and I threw a surprise birthday party for a family in our ward! Their daughter completed 7 yesterday [haha apparently Abby now speaks Spanglish] and we bought a little cake and decorated their house and surprised her 🙂 Her name is Maria Fernanda and it was super cute and fun. I love finding fun ways to serve people!


4) We have been struck with la gripe this week and a member offered us COCAINE to help us get over it! I was like what, why the heck do you have cocaine in your house?? I guess cocaine’s not a big deal or anything here in Perú but I politely refused 🙂 [After doing bit of research, there is a tradition of coca extracts in the Andean region.  Whether or not she was offered cocaine as we know it, it highly unlikely.]

5) So I was companions with Hermana Rodriguez who anteriormente served en un pueblito called Ascope, and now I am companions with Hermana Sellan who also served in Ascope, so now ALL the members in Ascope have heard about me and are begging President to send me there next. Another interesting point, they can’t pronounce ‘Butikofer’ right (haha like anyone can) so they call me ‘Hermana Winnie Pooh’ (they’ve decided that’s easier than Hermana Butikofer). But anyway the point is I’m basically famous and other parts of the mission are begging me to get sent there haha 🙂

6) I LOVE PUEBLO LIBRE, I feel like this place is perfect for me and I really do feel heavenly help here. Like of course I got sent here, Pueblo Libre needs ME! Now that I’m here it’s so clear to me that Pueblo Libre is exactly where I need to be.


Love from this little city in the mountains,

Hermana Butikofer/Beautiful/Buti/Butterfly/Winnie Pooh

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