March 29, 2016 {Week 37}: I Have the Best Life

HOLA TODOS super happy to write you all this week! This week has been such a good one, I LOVE my new companion la Hermana Sellan de Guayaquil, Ecuador. She is such a miracle worker and I know we will do great things together this transfer.

Well, this week I’m gonna describe Cajamarca a little bit more:

So Cajamarca is a STAKE, an actual STAKE, it like really surprised me to be in a stake and a ward rather than just a district and branch like Pacasmayo. En la estaca Cajamarca hay 5 barrios y 2 ramas. There’s Pueblo Libre (woot woot represent), Cajamarca, Chontapaccha, Atahualpa, and Baños del Inca. All are part of la ciudad Cajamarca except for Baños del Inca which is like 10 minutes afuera. Tambien hay la rama Celendin y la rama Chota which are like way far out, we’re talking like 2 or 3 or 4 hours away from Cajamarca. Only 2 elders in each of those places, Elder Males (my BFF from Pacasmayo) being one of them in Celendin. So happy that we came here to Cajamarca together and we’re in the same zone again!

Okay I’m out of time AGAIN, I’m super sorry I know I need to be better…but I LOVE Cajarmarca, I LOVE Hermana Sellan, I LOVE to be a missionary! I pray everyday that this time doesn’t end…that the next 9 months don’t pass by too fast! I love being able to wear my little plaquita every day and make people happy.

I have the best life.

Love, Hermana Butikofer

My area of Pueblo Libre. This picture doesn’t do it justice but greener green and bluer blue you have never seen!


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