February 22, 2016 {Week 36}: His Eternal Perspective

Hey everyone!

This week was…a pretty good one! Not the best week ever, but not the worst either. Hermana Rodriguez went home this week and let me just say it is kind of hard being with someone at the very end! Cause they’re saying goodbye to everyone, talking on the phone all the time, thinking about other things, and well I just want to stay focused en la obra! So I am excited to get back into the regular routine of things and get back to work. My new companion gets here tomorrow! Her name is Hermana Sellan and is from Ecuador. SO excited to be with a Latina again, I love Latinas!!!! They make the best of friends 😉 she has one transfer less than me on the mission, so we’re both still pretty young. I have heard only good things about her so I am excited to be with her and work miracles together! I know she is exactly what I need to be happy and I am excited to be not only her companion but also her friend.

Something I have been thinking about this weekend…one thing I have learned on the mission is that the Lord always gives us what we want but almost never in the way we expect it. I can testify of the truth of that! I feel like every cambio has been a testament to me that Heavenly Father is aware of the desires of my heart but that He also has a plan for me and for who He wants me to become. When I started my mission, I wanted to be in the city and close to the beach. Didn’t get sent to the city, but I got Pacasmayo! After my training, I wanted a Latina and I wanted to be in charge. Didn’t train, but I got Hermana Garcia, my BFF! When I left Pacasmayo, I wanted to be near the temple. Well got sent pretty much as far away from the temple as possible but I got sent to the moutains, the natural temples of the Lord! And now this new cambio…well still trying to figure that one out, actually! I’ll let you all know as the answer comes to me. That is another thing: that at the time of cambios, none if it makes sense and sometimes I’m a little sad but I have learned that it ALWAYS works out in the end and even better than I had it planned in my little head. Heavenly Father’s perspective is eternal and He always knows what is better for me than I do!

Love, Hermana Butikofer


[The computer Abby was using this week would not accept her card reader so no pictures for me 😦 Fortunately another missionary mom sent me a few pictures with Abby in them 🙂 Her companion went home this week and she stayed with these missionaries as she was awaiting the arrival of her new companion.  Hopefully more details next week. Stay tuned.]

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