February 15, 2016 {Week 35}: A Spiritual Math Equation

OKAY YOU ALL I have had like the best weekend ever. BECAUSE….President and Hermana Marler are in town!!! Woohoo! We’ve had interviews all this weekend and last night we had a Charla Fogonera, super beautiful, we hermanas de la zona Cajamarca sang a translation of a Jenny Phillips song called ‘Salvador’ and it was really pretty. Just the whole thing was beautiful and spiritual! And this morning we had interviews with President, Hermana Marler, y los asistentes and they as always went fantástico. I love them all and am sooooo grateful for their consejo and testimonies. BUT THE BEST PART IS…I got to talk to Hermana Garcia on the phone this morning! After my interview President was so sweet to me, he called her and let me talk to her for a few minutes! It was so good speaking with her, I cried. I love her so much, she is my best friend and I miss her. She is training a cute little Peruvian called Hermana Saldoval (creo…no recuerdo muy bien) and they are just adorable together.

Anyway so I got to talk to her on the phone and hear all about how Pacasmayo is doing!!! Roberto is doing super well, super strong, still yet to be baptized because of his divorce situation but that is only a matter of time, prayers, and faith 🙂 And he started sharing the gospel with his daughter who lives down in Lima! So now she is taking the lessons from missionaries in Lima!!!!!! Another one of our investigators there, Celeste, has a baptism date! Woohoo! And Amelia’s husband, Pepito, got rescued and they have plans to be sealed this year!!!!!! Which is a straight-up miracle!!! If y’all don’t remember Amelia is Nora’s daughter and Pepito is her husband who was super inactivo. And now they’re getting sealed! I am so happy to hear that the work is still pressing forward in Pacasmayo, is truly is a special place and I know God’s hand is there!

Also, remember that starving guy I met my last day in Pacasmayo? Well apparently he got better! Which is also a miracle! Because let me tell y’all he was on the brink of death when I met him. The next day the branch president gave him a priesthood blessing and from that point he started getting better. The power of the priesthood is real! And he has gained a lot of weight and can even sit up now which is awesome. So happy for that guy.

So let me share with y’all a little epiphany I had during my personal studies this week…let me first frame it by saying that I am a huge math nerd and even here on the mission I sometimes think about physics and calculus haha. Here goes:

I came to the conclusion a couple weeks ago that diligence is faith in action. Which made me start thinking…hey! Diligence is the derivative of action! So I graphed it. We know that ‘faith without Works is dead’ meaning faith – Works = 0 meaning faith=Works. So that just graphs to a y=x line, with faith = x and Works = y and the function of (x,y) being diligence. SO if that graph is the derivative of faith, that means faith would be the funtion y=xsquared. So I graphed that. But then what would be x and what would be y? So of course I went to the sciptures! And in the Bible Dictionary I found that it says that ‘faith is a principle of both action and power.’ WHAT, exactly the information I was looking for! So action=x and power=y. And that is SO COOL because you can see that as your actions get greater, power just increases and increases and increases! And as action gets even greater, the smallest about of increase in action brings about the hugest increases in power. [Oh, she is SSOOOOOOO my daughter!]

I love math, I love the scriptures, calculus continues to blow my mind everyday. [Just to brag a moment, Abby completed Honors Calc III her freshman year and is studying Computational Math.] I know it’s something that not a lot of people think about but I have a testimony that math is God’s language. He is the Ultimate Mathematician. I love how an understanding of math brings about an understanding of how the world works and therefore an understanding of God, His plan, and His gospel. So I guess this shows to y’all that I’m still the same nerdy Abby here on the mission 🙂 [If I have done nothing else as a mother, I have instilled in at least one of my daughters a love and appreciation of math. Success! I sure do love my math nerd!]

Be kind and pray sincerely! I know He will answers your prayers 🙂

Love, Hermana Butikofer

Sorry! Only one picture this week.  These two adorable little boys are my pensionista’s grandsons, Daniel and Adrian.

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