February 9, 2016 {Week 34}: True Felicidad

Hey y’all super sorry this email is coming today (Tuesday) instead of yesterday! This weekend has been Carnaval here in South America and Cajamarca just happens to be the Peruvian capital of Carnaval so this week was pretty crazy. [February marks the beginning of carnavales, which means parties, parades, and looking over your shoulder for fear of being hit by a water balloon. Carnaval takes place in the days leading up to Lent. Cajamarca has one of the biggest Carnaval parties after Brazil. Check out this link for a little more info…in Spanish] For the past month or so in preparations for Carnaval people have been throwing water balloons, squirting with water guns, dumping buckets of water from their roofs, etc. and it all culminated in this weekend: just a huge giant party with water and paint and alcohol all throughout Cajamarca! So of course we missionaries had to avoid all that so on Saturday we didn’t proselyte, instead we got persmission to pasear con nuestros barrios a fuera de Cajamarca (basically we got to go on a field trip). My ward went to a super cute place called La Colpa! Just a little granja(farm) with a laguito(little lake) and animals and such. Super cute.

And yesterday we went to the most beautiful place on EARTH called Llacanora, hikes and waterfalls in the middle of the Andes.
Waterfall at Llancanora

I’m so lucky, I feel so blessed to be here in this beautiful place and to be on the mission and to have this experience. If anyone reads this and is considering going on a mission and needs a little more ánimo(motivation), please listen to my advice and testimony: The mission is the best decision you’ll ever make (up to this point in your young life). It is amazing to see hearts change and to be a part of this great work. I love waking up every morning and putting on my plaque, having the privilege of wearing Christ’s name over my heart. I love sharing my testimony with others, I love that my full-time job and responsibility is to make friends and love everyone I meet. Once as my very wise and sweet sister Erin put it, those who don’t serve ‘will never such happiness know.’ This is true felicidad and I love helping others discover true felicidad through the restored gospel as well.

Love, Hermana Butikofer

A little friend I made at La Colpa

Me and my companion, Hermana Rodriquez
A few of the other sister missionaries in the zone

A few more pictures of the beautiful area, Llancanora


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