February 1, 2016 {Week 33}: Short but sweet story

GOSH y’all I am so super sorry that once again I’ve slacked on a good group email! I know I need to be better, time just gets away from me! This week was a super good one, lemme tell one miracle story to make up for not writing a lot:)

So this is an awesome story. The zone leaders (old zone leaders – Elder Copa and his companion) had contacted this lady named Zoila and we had heard that she was really great so we wanted to find her. So we found her in the area book and we went to look for her address, Historia 342. But 342 didn’t exist! So we knocked on 340. And they didn’t know who she was. So I kind of felt prompted (I suppose now I can see that it was a prompting of the Spirit – I didn’t really realize it then but I do now) to go look for 242 instead of 342. So we went and looked for 242 and neither did that number exist. So Hermana Rodriguez, also being prompted by the Spirit, said ‘let’s knock on 240 and see what happens.’ So we knocked on 240 AND IT WAS ZOILA’S HOUSE! Seriously we were totally guided to her, we didn’t even know her correct house number and we miraculously found her. And even better than that is that we knocked on her door, she answered, and we totally felt the Spirit soooo strongly…I’ve never felt the Spirit that strongly or really at all during a contact. We just had a little conversation with her in her doorway and fixed a return date but seriously the Spirit was sooooo strong, telling me this lady is really special and we were led to her. I am so excited for our appointment with her this week.

I’m sorry once again I’m out of time, I will repent and be better!!! I promise! Just know I am happy and I love Cajamarca and life in general!

Love, Hermana Butikofer

So happy to receive a letter from my sister in Bolivia!
Just a few random pictures from the week

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