January 18, 2016 {Week 31}: LIVE FROM CAJAMARCA, PERÚ

Hola everyone!!! Wellllll, I’m offically in Cajamarca and I’m loving it! This week was super crazy so I want to go day by day to make sure I don’t forget anything:

Monday – last Monday after writing Hermana Garcia and I went around Pacasmayo taking pictures and we went down to the beach one last time! I was super sad to say goodbye to the beach I cried 😦 then that afternoon we went over to visit Roberto one last time…hardest thing ever. I wrote him a letter and left him a picture of the three of us together and when I had to say goodbye I cried like a baby. I literally sobbed. He’s a 70-yr-old man who I love SO MUCH and I cried saying goodbye to him. I cried like all day Monday…I practically made myself sick from crying so much, I had a headache and I couldn’t eat…leaving an area is a hard part of the mission I didn’t even expect. I didn’t expect it to be so hard, it was harder leaving Pacasmayo than it was leaving my house to be honest. Monday night we had a Noche de Hogar en la casa de Liliana y Lorena…all my favorite people came which was wonderful…we shared a message about accepting the will of the Lord (aka changes) and then we all bore our testimonies of missionary work. It was very sweet and when Roberto bore his testimony I sobbed like a child. To know that I helped him, that I made a difference in his life, and not only in his life but in his ETERNITY…is the greatest feeling in the world. It was hard saying goodbye to everyone that night.

My last picture with Hermana Garcia






Tuesday – Early Tuesday morning Hermana Garcia had to head down to Trujillo to pick up her DAUGHTER (she’s training a Latina by the way!) so I stayed with las hermanas lideres that morning. My old pensionista, Fiorella, is staying in San Pedro de Lloc right now with her mom so while we were there I asked if we could stop by so I could see her one more time before I left that afternoon. And boy am I glad that we went over there…we shared a message with her and her mom and then they told us about their really sick neighbor…that he’s really sick and refuses to eat because he says his stomach hurts. Well when I heard that I thought it was just someone with a stomachache but we went over there and this man was literally dying of hunger. It was the saddest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. He was so weak, so thin, just skin and bones. He could hardly sit up to take a sip of water and he was so weak he couldn’t talk. I cried. I hope he’s doing okay…it’s been almost a week and honestly I don’t even know if he’s alive anymore.

I’m super sorry I don’t have enough time to tell y’all about the rest of my week, just know that I love Cajamarca and I am happy here! I am SUPER excited to serve here and help these people. I know Cajamarca has a lot of potential and I am excited to be a part of this great work! I love you all! Count your blessings and BE KIND.

Hermana Butikofer

Leaving Pacasmayo was so hard!
Meeting my new companion, Hermana Rodriquez. [I don’t know anything else about her other than don’t let the name fool you, she is as American as they come!]

As seen around town 
Just know that I am happy in my new home! [I have no idea where those glasses came from.]

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