January 11, 2016 {Week 30}: CAMBIOS BUM BUM BUM

Well everyone, the news we’ve all been waiting for! Cambios! We got the call last night, I will be going to a city in the mountains of Perú called Cajamarca 🙂 mi nueva compañera es la Hermana Rodriguez, a gringa, and this is her last transfer! So I will be there to help her finish out strong 🙂 I am super duper sad to leave Pacasmayo, no doubt about it, but excited for everything that awaits me in Cajamarca. What I’m most nervous for really is the drive there, 7 hours in a bus straight up 9000 feet from sea level here in Pacasmayo. Haha we’ll see how it goes!

A sneak peak at what awaits me in Cajamarca!

Hermana Garcia will be training a new missionary, I am so excited for her and her hijita! I can testify that Pacasmayo is the PERFECT place to start out a mission 🙂 She’s not even my daughter but I already love her so much. [I have learned that it is “missionary speak” to call a new missionary you train, your son or daughter.] I pray for her that she’ll be prepared to help these people here! I am so sad to leave all the people I love so much but I know they are in good hands. Hermana Garcia will take care of them!

To wrap up my time here in Pacasmayo I want to write in this email about some of my favorite people here in Pacasmayo, the ones that I was sent here to find and teach and help and love:

1) Liliana y Lorena – y’all already know about them but they are the firsts 🙂 I love them sooooo much and am so excited to be friends with them for eternity. I can’t wait for Lorena to receive her own mission call in approximately 7 years and Liliana to get sealed one day (she WILL get sealed in the temple one day and I WILL be there for her sealing)!

2) Carmen – I love Hermana Carmen, I love the work that I’ve done with her! She was a menos activo that we rescued and helped her get endowed. My first lesson with her she told us she wanted to make covenants in the temple and we told her ‘no se preocupe Hermana Carmen, por eso estamos aquí!’ (don’t you worry, Hermana Carmen, that is why we are here!) From the beginning that has been our goal with her and she was endowed a month ago 🙂

3) Nora – my dear friend Hermana Nora, we read the scriptures to her every night (sometimes by candlelight I might add) and we spent her last two days with her. I love her and I look forward to the day I see her again. I know we were doing heavenly work with her. I learned sooooo much from Hermana Nora, she is seriously the most celestial person I’ve ever met. I love her.

4) Milagros y Nadia – my other set of mother/daughter rescue and baptism! Milagros is part of a large inactive family and we are finally making a break with that whole family my rescuing her and baptizing Nadia. I am excited to see the work that continues with their family because I know they will strengthen the Pacasmayo branch soooo much!

5) Roberto – oh my Roberto is my Peruvian grandpa I love him soooooo much! I love the work I’ve done with him. He is such a CONVERT and I am so excited for him to be baptized. Even more than that, I am so excited for him to go to the temple! He is seriously the sweetest old man I’ve ever met in my whole life. He has such a pure heart. He cries in our lessons when he tells us how much he wants to own his own panaderia (bakery or bread shop)! That he prays to Heavenly Father that He will let him live long enough to own and work in his own panaderia. How cute is that?! I love him. I may not be here in Pacasmayo for his baptism but I know I have made a difference with him. I can’t wait to see him in the celestial kingdom!!!!!
I love all my friends here in Pacasmayo but these ones are especially special to me. They have changed my life. They have converted me. I love this gospel and I love this work of salvation. I love this little city on the coast and I love these people! Pacasmayo will forever have a place in my heart and I just hope and pray that I’m made a difference in a few lives here 🙂

My next adventure in Cajamarca begins tomorrow. I am nervous, scared out of my mind, but excited for whatever Heavenly Father has in store for me there. I am grateful for the time Heavenly Father has given me in Pacasmayo and I know I will learn to love Cajamarca just the same 🙂

All my love from this little beach town,
Hermana Butikofer

I’m sure gonna miss this place!

One of my last Pdays with these missionaries I have come to love! We visited a rice field where they also grow mangos.  That was a first.

“Proud to be Peruvian”
Fresh bread everyday is one of my Peruvian perks!

I will miss them.


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