December 21, 2015 {Week 27}: FELIZ NAVIDAD Y’ALL!

YOU GUYS IT’S ALMOST NAVIDAD! This is truly the most wonderful time of the year, I love sharing messages about Christ in our lessons, we started doing that this past week, and it has been so good and so successful in helping our people feel the spirit and remember the reason for the season (unfortunately there isn’t a good translation for that into Spanish, it’s a phrase I’ve been wanting to use all December but it doesn’t rhyme like it does in English so it’s not quite as catchy).
Hermana Garcia y yo in front of Liliana and Lorena’s awesome nativity!

This weekend was awesome because on Friday night we traveled down to Trujillo and stayed in a HOTEL! A real hotel. Then we got up super early Saturday morning to go to the temple! This is my first Christmas being endowed and so my first time going to the temple during the Christmas season, but wow let me just say how special it is to be in the temple at Christmastime. To remember our Lord Jesus Christ in the most wonderful way, in the House of the Lord. I plan on doing sessions in the temple every Christmas season for the rest of my life 🙂 It was soooooo special being in the temple with my zone…these people are seriously my best friends and to be with them in the celestial room felt like heaven! Seriously that must be what the celestial kingdom is like, to be all dressed in white and surrounded by all the people you love. I love my zone!

Then we went to the distribution center and the temple stores where Hermana Garcia and I bought our favorite investigator, Roberto, an himnario and a tie. His friend Miluska bought him a Bible and a Principios del Evangelio manual, we bought him an himnario and a tie, and for Christmas his son got him a triple 🙂 So he has everything now, we’re just waiting for his baptism!

Talking about Miluska, we got to meet her over the phone this week! To remind you all, Miluska is Roberto’s returned missionary friend who lives in Lima. Roberto travels to Lima every week for his work and he sees Miluska almost every time he’s down there. We have a lesson with him, assign him a chapter of Principios del Evangelio to study, he travels to Lima, Miluska answers all his questions, and then he returns to Pacasmayo and he is all prepared for our lessons with him 🙂 it’s great. Anyway we were in a lesson with him on Friday when Miluska called! And he was like, ‘Miluska, Miluska, you’re not going to believe who I’m with right now! I’m with the hermanas! Las misioneras!’ So he passed the phone to us and we got to talk to her and thank her everything she has been doing to help Roberto. She thanked us over and over but really she has been helping Roberto soooo much, she deserves the credit. Anyway so that happened on Friday.

And then Saturday night was el Show Navideño en la Plaza de Armas en Trujillo! It went super great and I even had a solo! That went well too 🙂 we ended the show by singing ‘feliz navidad, feliz navidad, feliz navidad, prospero año y felicidad I wanna wish you a merry christmas I wanna wish you a merry christmas I wanna wish you a merry christmas from the bottom of my heart’ (I know y’all know that song) over and over and let me just say that is the closest Mormon missionaries can get to partying…we were totally rocking out to that song, hahaha it was so fun!!!
Peru Trujillo North Mission Christmas Show, Plaza de Armas, Trujillo, Peru

Well I suppose I can end this by saying that I want to wish you all a feliz navidad ‘from the bottom of my heart.’ I love you all! How blessed we are to have this gospel and our Savior Jesus Christ to show us the way. I love this gospel, I love this Church, I love the mission! I am happier here and now than I’ve ever been before. ¡FELIZ NAVIDAD!

Hermana Butikofer

[I have included a short video clip of Abby’s number in the Christmas show. The audio and video quality are not great but you should be able to see and hear her.]



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