December 14, 2015 {Week 26}: Six Months Down

Wow y’all. Six months. This week I have been thinking about how my first third of my mission has passed and all that I have learned. I would like to talk about some of the things I have learned thus far on the mission…and then tell about this week 🙂

The mission is the only place I could have learned some of these lessons…the mission really takes everything you have and everything you are and it drains you but it also fills you fuller with love and the Spirit than anything you’ve ever experienced before. It requires all of your heart and all of your soul and you just pray pray pray that the Lord will accept this little person of you and consecrate your offering to His Great and Glorious Work. Let me list you all some lessons I’ve learned:

1) Humility. This is something that the Lord has been teaching me from the beginning. I’m getting better, everyday getting a little better. I am learning to accept the will of the Lord with an open and willing heart, even when I don’t know what it going to happen next transfer or next week or tomorrow or heck in the lesson we have in less than an hour, I am learning to have faith in the Lord and trust Him, because His plans are always better than mine and He has a greater, more eternal perspective than I do. It has taken a bit of humility to learn this lesson because I love to think about the future and make plans for myself and how I plan on my future going but I have learned that yes, I can have goals for the future, but first and foremost I need to remember that the Lord knows what is best and trust in His judgement and His plan.

2) How EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING about the mission is inspired. Just the concept of a mission is inspired! Mission calls are inspired, areas are inspired, companionships are inspired. The windows of revelation are open, wide open, and we have a living prophet today who receives revelation for us, and my mission president too receives revelation daily for his missionaries. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ truly are directing their Church.

3) I have 3 books of scripture: the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and PREACH MY GOSPEL. Preach My Gospel is amazing and not only a tool for the mission but a lifelong guide to service in the Lord’s kingdom. I plan on studying Preach My Gospel for the rest of my life! I love PMG!

4) The gift of tongues is REAL. I’ve learned Spanish in less than 6 months and I KNOW I couldn’t have done it without divine help. I love the Spanish language, I am learning more and more everyday. I love Latinos, they are the best people ever, so hilarious and so fun to be around, I just love people!

5) Which brings me to CHARITY. I am learning to love love love love love these people, it doesn’t matter who they are or where they come from, what matters is that they are children of our Heavenly Father and He loves them and I have been called to love them as well. Really, when you get to the bottom of it, my job is to love these people with all my heart. I am learning so much about true love, the pure love of Christ, charity. Charity is the most important characteristic of Christ we can develop in this life.

There are so many many many more lessons I’ve learned but I don’t have much more time!

I want to quickly end by saying that Carmen, my recently rescued menos activo, was endowed this week!!! Yes, she was endowed!! Every missionary can say that they helped people make baptismal covenants, but very few can say that they helped their people make temple covenants…we went to the temple with the branch on Friday and it was THE MOST PERFECT DAY. We got there and while Carmen was in her initiatory, we missionaries helped out with the youth’s baptisms and confirmations. Then Hermana Garcia and I went to do some initiatories of our own! I am so happy we did, I haven’t been in initiatories since I went through for myself. It was so special to be reminded of all the blessings the Lord has in store for us. Then we did the session, then Hermana Garcia and I got special permisison to go into the bride’s room!

I have to go now, but I love you all!

Love, Hermana Butikofer

Practicing for the Christmas show


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