November 23, 2015 {Week 23}: And They Call Me…

Hey familia y amigos!

I got called a lot of things this week, on the list being princesa, angel, lying North American, and on a daily basis I get called bonita, blanquita, gringuita, muñeca jajajaja. Let me describe:

1) We had interviews with President this week during which he officially dubbed me and Hermana Garcia ‘Las Princesas de Pacasmayo’ haha I think it suits us! Interviews went great, I always love meeting with President Marler and seeing everyone in the office. And my practica con los asistentes went really well too! Practicas always make me super nervous but Hermana Garcia and I killed it because we’re las princesas de Pacasmayo pues and we can do anything. After interviews we celebrated our coronation by buying Princesa chocolate bars, the most beautiful things in the whole world. [In case you are interested, they are available for order here.] We don’t have them in the states but they are SO GOOD and I think I’ll smuggle about 5 boxes in my suitcase on the way back.

2) I have an AMAZING investigator named Roberto, he is seriously so golden and so prepared to receive the fulness of the everlasting gospel and this week he called us his ANGELS that have been sent to him to teach him the truth! Roberto is the father of the boyfriend of our branch president’s daughter (complicated I know) and is 68. He works in the dulces (candy) industry selling sweets all around Perú and works outside of Pacasmayo most of the week and is only in Pacasmayo a couple days each week. He actually has a member friend down in Lima who teaches him and answers all his questions when he’s down there working! Not a missionary, just a really good member who is going to come up to his baptism to see him get baptized and officially meet us, his missionaries! It is seriously such a HUGE help that he has friends who are members, my testimony is growing that for a real conversion every investigator needs a friend at church. Members are SO vital to missionary work!

3) Hermana Garcia and I were standing outside the capilla (chapel) this week when a car drove by and some man popped his head out and pointed his finger at us and said ‘¡Mentirosas! ¡Mexicana, Norte Americana, mentirosas!’ and we don’t know who he was or how he knows who we are and where we’re from but well that happened. It kind of hurt my feelings, like really all I am is a little 19-year-old girl spreading the gospel, I’m not a lying norteamericana I promise! But it’s okay because Jesus Christ was called a lot of worse things and He is a lot better than I am so I’ll survive.

Coming this week are ¡cAmBiOs! (transfers) Keep your fingers crossed (and your arms crossed in prayer heehee) that I’ll stay here in Pacasmayo one more transfer. Hermana Garcia and I are working really hard and really well together and we are seeing a lot of progress in the people here and I want to be here to see them get baptized. I don’t want presents for Christmas, I want baptisms!

I almost forgot that this week is Thanksgiving! HAPPY THANKSGIVING Y’ALL, count your blessings! This year I am grateful for the restored gospel, the Book of Mormon, the temple, my family, my companion, the opportunity to be a missionary here in Perú, and my wonderful investigadores, menos activos, y conversos recientes (whom I like to group together and call my ‘amigos’) and answered prayers and tender mercies of the Lord. I have a lot to be grateful for!!!

This is who I am
Some sort of Peruvian hairless dog
Some of my little Peruvian friends
A few more of my Peruvian amigas
I played the piano for the Primary program this week!

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