November 16, 2015 {Week 22}: Description of the Peru Trujillo North Mission

Hey familia y amigos!

So something cool about the mission is that you have a BIRTHDAY every MONTH! Se llama su cumplemes. [Loosely translated to birth month.] My cumplemes just happens to be today, the 16th, because I left on the mission on June 16th. So today is my 5th cumplemes! I am officially 5 months old and I actually have been dreading today. Because 5 months means I’m working on 6 months means I’m already almost a third of the way through my mission. Where the heck did time go?? What is happening? Not okay with how fast time passes. I never want the mission to end. It is seriously so fun!! I love how my full-time job and only responsibility is to make friends and make people happy. Life is great.

This week was a regular week, a good week of course because I’m in Pacasmayo and I speak Spanish and I’m a missionary, but nothing spectacular happened. Soooooo I think I’ll talk a little about the mission today!

[For your reference I have included a Trujillo North Mission picture]
Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 10.43.18 AM


Perú Trujillo Norte is comprised of 10 zones. I will go zone by zone and describe what I know about each of them (but keep in mind that I only personally know the zone I’m in now hahaha)

Central: the city! Central has the mission home and is the most pituca (richest) part of the mission. Lots of sister missionaries there, and then the district and zone leaders are the elders there.

Primavera: the temple! Primavera has the temple and the only other beach area in the mission called Huanchaco. Also pituca but more suburban than Central. Also lots of sisters there, with the elders mostly just being the district and zone leaders.

Este: more dangerous, only elders. Only zone with only elders.

Porvenir: Desert and dirt. I’ve heard it’s kind of ugly. Not many sisters there, but there are some.

Esperanza: The Holy Land. Seriously, it actually has that nickname in this mission. Apparently the work is really progressing there. Unfortunately, they don’t send gringa sisters there so I won’t ever end up in Esperanza. But they do send Latina sisters. Currently there are only 2 gringo elders there so pretty much the whole zone is Latino.

Casa Grande: Once we get out of the city zones (Central, Primavera, Este, Porvenir, Esperanza) we reach Casa Grande and Guadalupe which are out of the city and really mostly just little pueblos linked together into zones. Casa Grande contains a bunch of little pueblos like Ascope, Chiclín, Chicope, etc. Green, sugar cane fields, etc.

Guadalupe: My zone! The other zone comprised of pueblos. The first town in the Guadalupe zone is San Pedro de Lloc, donde están las hermanas  líderes (where the sister training leaders are). Also a set of elders there. Then about 10 minutes north we get here to Pacasmayo! 6 missionaries here, Hermana Garcia and I and then 4 elders (currently Elder Herrera – our district leader, Elder Cantos, Elder Males, y Elder Wynn). One of only two beach areas in the whole mission (how lucky am I??)! Then about 20 minutes north is Guadalupe, the center of the zone. The zone leaders are the only ones in Guadalupe right now (there used to be sisters there but they closed that area this past transfer).  About 15 minutes to the side of Guadalupe is Pueblo Nuevo, a little pueblito with just two elders. Then about 20 minutes north of Guadalupe is Chepén, a town about the size of Pacasmayo with 4 missionaries, two elders and two sisters. All are branches in this zone, we are the district Guadalupe.

La Sierra: east of Trujillo, a zone of only 8 missionaries. Only 2 sisters. Out in the mountains in the middle of nowhere.

Cajamarca North: one of the Cajamarca zones, about 7 hours away from Trujillo. I’ve heard the bus ride is horrible but totally worth it because Cajamarca is beautiful and lots of recuerdos (souvenirs) for cheap. Lots of site seeing places too.

Cajamarca South: the second Cajamarca zone, smaller than Cajamarca North. Same as North, just a different  part of the city Cajamarca and smaller.

And well that’s la misión Perú Trujillo Norte! Hope it was fun for you all to learn a little bit more about the organization of the mission.

We have entrevistas this week with President and Hermana Marler! I am super excited to see them cause well they’re awesome and I love them.

Have a good week you all! I surely will 🙂

Love, Hermana Butikofer


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