September 28, 2015 {Week 15}: Best Weekend Ever

Hola todos!
This week was awesome but I’m just going to focus on the past couple days, starting with Friday!
Friday – my first multizona! The Casa Grande zone traveled up here to Pacasmayo and we got to spend the day with them and with President and Hermana Marler y los asistentes! It was super good and I learned a lot. They asked Hermana Peel and I to prepare a special musical number so we sang ‘Creo en Cristo‘ to a different tune and it was really pretty.
Guadalupe and Casa Grande zones
 Their musical number at zone conference
I loved being able to see the Marlers again! I think they secretly love Pacasmayo and look for any excuse to come up here because they get to stay in a hotel on the beach and it’s basically like they’re on vacation 🙂 whenever we have things going on in this part of the mission the meetings and stuff are almost always held here in Pacasmayo because it’s so great and the Marlers love Pacasmayo so much. Heehee I live in paradise.
Oh, I also met an Elder Parkinson, and we realized our mothers know each other on Facebook so we took a couple pictures together to make our moms happy. Sister Parkinson, if you see this on the blog, I met your son and he’s doing great! [Sorry no pictures! She took them but didn’t send them to me.]
Saturday – THE BEST DAY OF MY MISSION. For real no joke Saturday was perfect. We studied all morning and then Saturday afternoon we ran over to Lorena’s house, picked her up and went over to the chapel to set up for the baptism. We set up for the baptism and for her compartir (fiestita) that she and her mom threw afterwards. THEN, GET THIS. Guess who showed up?? President and Hermana Marler!!!!! President and Hermana Marler came to my very first baptism!!
President Marler, Lorena, Sister Marler, Abby and Hermana Peel
 On the occasion of Lorena’s baptism
It was so special for us and for Lorena and Liliana and oh it was just so perfect and so sweet of them to come. Last week in my email to President I jokingly invited him to ‘road trip it up here’ to come to the baptism…and they actually did! I just love the Marlers! Also, how awesome is it that President Marler presided at my very first baptism. That’s just so cool!!! So then the baptism started, Liliana’s friend who is a stake president down in Trujillo came up to Pacasmayo to baptize Lorena. How special is that?? So he gave a sweet little talk and then we also asked Liliana to speak/bear her testimony. It was so special…I cried. I am just so grateful and so humbled to be here and to have helped them. And what’s even more wonderful is that not only are she and her mother my rescues and my baptisms, but they’re my friends!!! Like my lifelong friends!! I am so excited to be friends with them for the rest of our lives 🙂 anyway, then Hermana Peel and I did the same musical number that we did at the multizona on Friday. Once again, everyone loved it and said that one day we’re gonna make it to Hollywood jajaja. Then the baptism part…Liliana’s friend Daniel baptized Lorena, Hermana Peel and I stood with Liliana at the entrance of the baptism font and watched her get baptized from there. When she got out we wrapped her towel around her, gave her a big hug and kiss, and ran to the other room where we did a little surprise present for her. While she was changing we had everyone who was there write her a little note, which we then bound with ribbon into a little notebook. So now she has a little notebook with notes from all her friends and family and church leaders to help her remember her baptism! It was so sweet and super cute. I plan on doing something like that for every baptism I have.
Lorena’s little baptism day remembrance
Lorena’s baptism day 
Then Lorena bore her testimony which was so sweet and simple and beautiful, how the Church is true adn the Book of Mormon is true and how happy she is to finally be baptized. I love her. Then the branch prsident welcomed her into the branch and then she had her compartir after! It was so cute, they had three beautiful little cakes and Liliana gave Hermana Peel and I an entire cake to take home with us! Heehee we were pretty happy about that 🙂
The cake we took home
Then that night, WE GOT TO WATCH WOMEN’S CONFERENCE WITH HERMANA MARLER! Man I just felt so spoiled all day!! It was such a little tender mercy that we got to watch with her because earlier that day I had been thinking about how my mom and my little sister would be watching it together and I was kind of sad how I couldn’t be there with them. But then I got to watch it, in English, with Hermana Marler! So that made it all better 🙂 also, she let Hermana Peel and I get on Instagram! So I saw my family on Instagram!!! That was so fun and a little treat! So yeah, it’s pretty obvious why Saturday was just the best day ever 🙂
Watching the women’s conference broadcast…in English!
Sunday – yesterday President y Hermana Marler came to church here in Pacasmayo and then our zone went to Pueblo Nuevo, a cute pueblito about an hour away from here, to work with the branch there!
On the road to Pueblo Nuevo
Church on the town square in Pueblo Nuevo
Then we got back last night and there was an eclipse!!! It was so cool and the first eclipse I’ve ever seen. Hermana Peel and I took blankets up to our roof and watched the eclipse from there. It was super pretty. A perfect ending to a perfect week 🙂
I love you guys a whole lot and am so grateful for all of you! Have a great week and remember to do something kind!
Hermana Butikofer

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