September 14, 2015 {Week 13}: Guacamole + Pacasmayo = Guacamayo (parrot)

Hey fam and friends! This week was another great week in dream town Pacasmayo, seriously this place in amazing! It’s just so adorable, really the most adorable town I’ve ever seen, we have the beach, and the cutest city center the world has ever seen, beautiful weather 24/7…if anyone had told me just 3 months ago that my first area would be a Peruvian beach town like this I would have died and gone to heaven. Well I haven’t died yet…but I am in heaven!!

So last Monday after writing we bought our lunch and then hiked up to the Christ statue where we had a picnic!
There is a verse on the statue. The verse is taken from the Wisdom of Solomon 3:1, “the souls of the righteous are in the hand of God”
It was super fun and SUPER windy, I have a story to tell y’all about that. I pulled an Erin…remember how in the MTC Erin’s pants fell down hahaha? Welp when we were up at the Christ statue it was so windy that it blew my skirt straight up hahaha so everyone saw my underwear! Oh so embarrassing but so funny. Such is my life 🙂 then we went around Pacasmayo taking fun pictures! [I received none of those fun pictures.]
Wednesday we had a baptism for a little girl in the ward! She asked us missionaries to sing at it which was cute.
Talking about baptisms, it is looking like Hermana Peel and I will have one soon! We have been working with a woman, Liliana, and her daughter and this week the daughter, Lorena, told us she wants to be baptized! So I’ll keep y’all updated on that. We are super excited because it will be both mine and Hermana Peel’s first baptism 🙂
Just a few random things – yesterday at church all our investigators begged and begged to take pictures with Hna Peel and I, the pretty gringa ‘muñecas’ (dolls)! Hahaha it was just so funny, everyone wants pictures with a real life gringa. Second, also this week Lorena asked us why the sun doesn’t shine in America. We were so confused, and were like ‘why do you think the sun doesn’t shine in America?’ and then she said because we’re so white, that she thought America didn’t get any sun! Hahaha no little Lorena, we’re just white. Also this week, we have run into Hermano Cesar, the little old man who got baptized at the beginning of August, all over town! He is so little and old and he walks across town back and forth every single day. So whenever we see him we get a moto and take him wheveever he is headed! Just a little service we like to do 🙂
This week we have really seen Heavenly Father putting us exactly where we need to be at exactly the right moments. We have been able to help people and serve people not because we had plans to visit them but because Heavenly Father had changed our plans and guided us to exactly the right places at exactly the right times to where people needed us and our help. I love being a missionary and I love that my full-time job is to help people and make them happy!
My favorite part of every day is walking out the front door at 7:30 every morning…I throw open that front door and am just so breathtaken at the beautiful clear blue sky, the smell of the ocean so close to our apartment, people hustling and bustling about, starting their day, kids walking to school, motos driving by, dogs everywhere…I just can’t believe I’m lucky enough to be here! No other reason other than a mission would ever bring me to a little Peruvian beach town like this one and I am just so grateful to be here for this little time. I seriously love these people and this place!
Love, Hermana Butikofer

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