September 7, 2015 {Week 12}: Another Great Week in Pacasmayo

Hola todos! This week was pretty good, just another week en la viña!

This week I decided to do something a little crazy (just about as crazy as we can get on the mission) and read the whole Book of Mormon in just one week. Welllll I haven’t finished yet, I have the rest of today to finish, so hopefully I meet my goal. I am marking all the places where it refers to Heavenly Father/Jesus Christ, keeping count of all those references, and also keeping a list of all the names by which They are referred. I am excited to finish this little project of mine! My testimony that the Book of Mormon really is Another Testament of Jesus Christ has grown tremendously by doing this project. Also, not only is it a book of scripture, but it’s also pretty epic! Fighting brothers, wars, kings, armies, lost peoples, righteousness and wickedness, missionary work, there’s something for everyone! Give it a shot if you haven’t recently 🙂

This week was a normal week, just studying in the mornings and lessons in the afternoons/evenings. On Thursday we went to Trujillo to a 5-week meeting. All the missionaries new to the field (aka me and my MTC friends) and our trainers had a meeting with the Marlers just to see how our training is going. It was way fun to see all my amigos del CCM again! I forgot how much I’ve missed them!
Most of our MTC group reunited
Yesterday, as you all know, was Fast Sunday and I made myself get up and bear my testimony. Sí, di mi testimonio en español! I am glad I did, now I’m not so scared to in the future haha. Which brings me around to how my Spanish is doing. Fantastic! Really Spanish is the least of my worries haha, I have so much more to learn other than Spanish. I am grateful learning Spanish has been pretty easy for me, now I can focus on more important things to work on and develop.
As of yesterday I completely my first transfer en el campo! Last night we had to be in our room early to wait to get the phone call about whether we would have transfers or not. Drum roll please…Hna Peel and I are staying in Pacasmayo together! Woohoo! We will be together for the next six weeks to finish out my training and from there we will see 🙂
Hermana Peel y yo
Walk a mile in our shoes…or two…or three
This past week we found some really great new investigadores y menos activos whom I am excited to work with, so the work is indeed progressing! As for our plans for this week, there is a little girl in the branch getting baptized on Wednesday and she has asked us missionaries to sing at it. Other than that, we’ll take it day by day! It looks like it’s going to be another normal week! (but really those are the best weeks – the mission is the best)
Seen around town
Thank you all for your love and support! Hasta la próxima semana!
Hermana Butikofer
[Abby answered a couple of questions for me this week.  I thought you might find them interesting as well.]
1. Other than write and go to the grocery store, what else do you do on Pdays? Pdays we wake up, have breakfast, personal study, companion study, one hour dedicated by the mission to cleaning our apartment, then we go to write. We write in a little internet shop. There are a ton in town but some are better than others. Sometimes we then to go Tottus (grocery store)  but not always. Hopefully we go today cause I need more toothpaste and shampoo and conditioner haha. Anyway, after that it depends on what the mission tells us. We are supposed to have one zone Pday a month (for example that day we went to the lighthouse) and one district Pday a month (like the time we made cookies and brownies for Elder Males’ birthday). The other two Pdays a month are companionship Pdays where we can do whatever we feel like. Today is a companionship Pday so I think we’re just gonna chill in the room today.
2. How often do you have district and zone meetings? District meeting once a week, zone meeting once a month. Both are held in the chapel in Guadalupe.
3. What is the 5-week meeting that you mentioned? The 5-week meeting is for all the missionaries in their first transfer, 5 weeks into the field we go to Trujillo for the day just to meet with Pres and Hna Marler for them to see how our trainings are going and such. We went on Thursday and it was super fun to see all my friends from the MTC! I didn’t see Hna Messina (my MTC companion) cause she’s in Cajamarca which is like 7 hrs away from Trujillo so they did a separate mini meeting for all the Cajamarca people last week I think. Anyway yeah it was fun to see all my MTC friends and of course to see the Marlers again, I love them!
4. How is your spanish? My spanish is coming along great, I actually bore my testimony yesterday in Sacrament meeting. I made myself do it haha. But yeah it’s coming along just fine, I’m pretty sure by the end of my training I’ll be fluent-ish. I can totally express myself and my feelings and my thoughts, I understand the Bible and Book of Mormon and pretty much everything else we read, sometimes it’s hard to understand people speaking cause they speak fast and unclearly but I’m getting better at that. I’m really not concerned about my Spanish at all cause I know I’m doing fantastic for someone with less than 3 months on the mission. I’ll be fluent by the time I skype you guys for Christmas, I’m sure of it.

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