August 31, 2015 {Week 11}: Lots of Pictures

Hola familia y amigos!! This week has been awesome, we did a ton of stuff everyday. I want to try to be a little more spiritual in my letters home rather than just tell you what I did each day so I’ll start with some things that I’ve learned and then I’ll get around to a play-by-play of each day.

This week a lot of my weaknesses have become apparent, but I am thankful that now I know what I need to change and how I can become better and more like our Heavenly Father and His Son. How grateful I am that we have the opportunity to change and grow each and every day through the Atonement of Jesus Christ! I am starting to work on developing my obedience, patience, humility, generousity, and charity. Seriously a lot to work on, literally a lifetime of attributes to perfect. But these are some things I want to improve. I just want to be a good missionary and fulfill my great calling!!! These are some things I have been thinking about recently.

OKAY onto the events of the week:
Monday: after writing we went to Tottus and got our hair trimmed! Ahhhhh clean ends 🙂 also I found cupcakes in a little bakery so Hermana Peel and I had a little picnic in the city center and ate our cupcakes together. Pacasmayo has the cutest city center!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Tuesday: meetings in Guadalupe, then the hermana leaders came to Pacasmayo to visit us! It was super great learning from them, and they took us out to get cake 🙂 first time I’ve had chocolate cake in a long time.
Wednesday: my very first intercambio! Wednsday afternoon I went to San Pedro, a pueblito about 15 minutes away, and spent Wedneday and Thursday in San Pedro working with and learning frm my Hermana Leader Hermana Aranguren!
Thursday: I don’t remember what we did after the intercambio ended haha.
Friday: THE BEST DAY OF THE WEEK BECAUSE WE FINALLY GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE WITH NORA!!! Woohoo!!! We left early Friday morning, took a car to Trujillo, and spent the day at the temple and it was so perfect.
I am down to two minutes on my computer time so I have to go but I love you all!!!!
Love, Hermana Butikofer
[Abby finally figured out a way to send pictures with the slow internet connection and limited computer time she has.  They are not of the highest quality and it has taken a couple of hours to get them from there to here so please enjoy! What follows is several that I received this week making up for the past two or three weeks.]

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset









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