August 24, 2015 {Week 10}: Loving Life As a Missionary

Wow you guys this was seriously the best week of my mission so far!!! I think I say that every week and funny thing is I mean it every week 🙂 Life just keeps getting better and better! So we did some pretty great things every day this week, so I’m just gonna go day by day and share with you how my week went:

Monday – after writing we went to the church building and made cookies for Elder Males’ birthday! But because we’re poor and sometimes a bit irresponsible missionaries we forgot to bring a bowl to mix it in and measuring cups…so we guessed on the measurements and we mixed it with our hands! So yes, it is completely possible to make cookies literally by hand. We put all the ingredients in a plastic bag and shook the bag all around to get it all mixed together and then we rolled cookie dough balls by hand. We did the same with brownies, except for the rolling part. But they turned out pretty good! Then that night we had our Noche de Hogar with all the moms/daughters we’re teaching. It went so well, so so well, and oh I just began to feel a little bit of the love that Heavenly Father has for each one of us and how He sees each one of us! It brought me to tears 🙂
Tuesday – meetings in Guadalupe, and then I didn’t really feel very well that afternoon but we had some really great lessons that night! Also, at our meetings in Guadalupe I was assigned to be the zone music director. Cooooooool 🙂
Wednesday – there was a huge fire in downtown Pacasmayo, I got some pictures (maybe my mom will post on the blog) [unfortunately, slow internet and limited computer time means only one picture this week and none of the fire] and Hermana Fiorella, my pensionista, went to Lima to buy clothes for her little store so I had her get me an alpaca sweater! Yep, I have a sweater made out of alpaca and yes it is cute and yes it is warm.
Thursday – there is a nearby pueblito se llama Jequetepeque and there live some members there so we went there Thursday night for a noche de amigos with the branch! It was really fun and us missionaries led the games and activities. I really want to open that little pueblito up some more! I think the plan is that once a week our district is going to start going out there.
Friday – FRIDAY WAS THE BEST DAY EVER. We had interviews with President Marler and Hermana Marler and oh they are just wonderful I love them so much. I learn so much from them and they just have a wonderful spirit about them. I want to acquire that same spirit. So we had interviews that morning and then…Hermana Marler surprised Hermana Peel y yo by coming out with us that evening! Oh it was such a privilege and a treat to have Hermana Marler come with us to our lessons that night, she is such a great teacher and missionary. Two other senior missionaries, Hermana Angell and Hermana Vaughan, also came with us. The coolest thing is that Hna Angell and Hna Vaughan are actually sisters – like real life sisters – and they are serving a mission together! How sweet is that! I met them for the first time the day after I said goodbye to Erin and well I was quite sad about saying goodbye to Erin so when I met them and they told me their story and how they’re sisters and now serving a mission together I cried really hard. It’s just so beautiful! Maybe one day I’ll get to serve a mission with my sister! Anyway all three of them came out with us and it was great. We had a really good lesson with Regis and Estela and then we took them to Nora, the blind sister whom we’re reading the scriptures with! They of course loved her just as much as we do (she is seriously a saint and the most faithful person I’ve ever met)! It was just a great day. I am so blessed!!!
Saturday – 2 great lessons and a meeting in Guadalupe. One lesson was with Theresa, Mario, and their two kids, Rosmery y Sergio. Rosmery is a member and the rest of her family isn’t but they are so ready let me tell you. It is a dream to be teaching an entire family!! Then, in our lesson with Regis y Estela that afternoon, they accepted a baptism date!!! We are working towards the 19th of September, we will see if we can make it that day, we are so happy! I am particularly happy because we met them one of my very first days in the field…and they’ve been progressing so well and now they want to get baptized! It’s great. They’re great. Then, because this weekend is district conference (kind of like stake conference but it’s a district cause we only have branches here), we had a session of conference in Guadalupe Saturday night. We missionaries did the musical number.
Sunday – general session of conference and we threw a birthday party for Nora’s daughter, Karen! 🙂
Me, Nora, Karen y Hermana Peel
Today, Monday, we have plans to go to Tottus, have a picnic, get our hair trimmed, and chill. I am loving the life of a missionary and serving the Lord! I am learning a lot and my Spanish is indeed mejorando. Thank you for all your love and prayers and support! Be sure to PRAY on your KNEES this week – on your knees you’re closer to heaven 🙂 Psalms 95:6-7
Love, Hermana Butikofer

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