August 10, 2015 {Week 8}: What a Happy Little Missionary I Am

Hola todos!

I don’t have a whole lot of time and I would rather send y’all pictures than a letter describing this week – just know that this week was really great and my branch is amazing! Seriously they are so close to being a ward, I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve here and help them become a ward.

I am super excited for this week BECAUSE:
Monday – today! Pday! We’re going to the lighthouse this afternoon, the whole zone is coming to Pacasmayo and we’re going to the lighthouse and we even get to wear real people clothes! Hahaha I seriously haven’t worn jeans in like 2 months. Let’s hope they still fit.:)


Pacasmayo Lighthouse

Tuesday – zone meeting in Guadalupe[For those of you who read and understand Spanish, check out the Spanish translation of this page. There is significantly more information and it will give you an idea behind the history and culture of the region] Guadalupe is a nearby town and the headquarters of our zone. Meetings are always fun cause we get to socialize with the other missionaries and see how their areas are doing!

Wednesday – we’re trying to strengthen the relationship between the branch members and us missionaries so we are finding lots of service projects to do. Wednesday we’re moving all the furniture out of the Relief Society president’s house, cleaning her house, and moving everything back in!

Thursday – Hermana Peel and I have decided not to schedule any lessons for Thursday, leaving it completely blank, and we’re knocking on doors all day long! Hermana Peel has a goal to knock on every single door in our area before she leaves Pacasmayo so we’re getting started on reaching that goal. Also the Relief Society is having a caramel apple making activity!

Friday – the best day of the week because WE GET TO GO TO THE TEMPLE AGAIN!!! I know, just less than two weeks after we went last! We are reading the Book of Mormon to a blind woman in our ward and we finished reading it to her on Thursday! And now because she’s blind and she doesn’t have anyone else to take her to the temple, we get to take her! Seriously I am so lucky, what a happy little missionary am I that I get to go to the most beautiful temple so often!!!


Trujillo Peru Temple

Saturday – Another service activity, this time we’re painting my pensionista’s house. I am super excited to paint!!

Okay now I’m gonna work on sending pictures. [Another week has gone by and the  pictures Abby keeps promising did not make it]

Thank you all for your love and support, I am loving this little town! I am so lucky, Pacasmayo is a dream.

Much love,

Hermana Butikofer


A picture from the baptism we helped with last week


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