August 3, 2015 {Week 7}: I Live in Paradise

Hola todos so I just wrote on Friday so I don’t have as much to say as I usually do (but knowing me I’ll probably still end up writing a super long email hahaha). Today I plan on sending a bunch of pictures to show you all everything that has happened this week! As long as the internet works and isn’t too slow haha. We are in a little internet shop right now in the middle of Pacasmayo, this is where we write from. [Apparently the internet wasn’t working properly and Abby was not able to send any pictures]

So Friday was super crazy cause we went to the temple and got back super late but still had to write our families. This was Friday’s schedule…we had to wake up at 3:45 on Friday morning to be ready to leave for Trujillo at 5am, we took a two hour bus ride, then we got to Trujillo at like 7, our session was at 8, we did the session, finished at like 10:30, ate lunch, then waited at the bus staion for FIVE HOURS!!! then a two hour bus ride back. We didn’t get home like 9 and not to bed until 11:30. Another one of the longest days of my life. But it was worth it!!!

Saturday we had two baptisms! Well, the elders in my district did. We helped with it, it went super well and I sang that rainbow baptism song in the children’s songbook, I forget what it’s called in English. I sang it in Spanish and it was sweet cause I sang that song 11 years ago at my own baptism! And now I sang it at my first baptism in the mission field. Oh, I Like to Look for Rainbows (linked)! I think that’s what it’s called. Then yesterday was Sunday, and testimony meeting! Super good and I am so grateful to be here in this place. Even though it’s a branch the members here are so strong and so willing to help us missionaries in our work. The little primary girls love me. Relief Society was kinda rough cause I literally didn’t understand a single word, I can’t tell
you what that lesson was about. Literally no clue. Está bien Relief Society never was my favorite haha.

We finally got our electricity back yesterday! 2 and a half days without electricity, we finally got it back. We still don’t know why it went out but we called our landlord and he and his electrician guy came over and fixed it for us. Coincidentally his electrician lives just across the street so if we have any more problems we’ll just go directly to him. We had a couple lessons we were really looking forward to yesterday but they fell through, we’ll have to pass by again later this week and see if we can catch up with them. But while we were out we handed out 2 Books of Mormon! One to a sweet man in a wheelchair, he can’t talk well so his wife translates for him, we have had one lesson with him before and we have another tonight, yesterday we just passed by to give him a Book of Mormon and leave him with a prayer. It was so sweet, he and his family are so
prepared. I am so excited to teach them!!! Then we contacted the richest house in town, Hermana Peel has always been a little scared to contact them before because they’re the richest but I told her that everyone needs the gospel so we should do it anyway. So we knocked on the door and the nicest lady came out and invited us back, we have a lesson on Wednesday! I am super excited to meet with her and her family. We have tons of other investigators but those are the most recent that we’ve visited. I love being a missionary, seriously my full-time job is to go around and make people happy and become friends with everyone I meet! Like who seriously wouldn’t want to do this! Today we went to the bank, now we are writing, then we’re going to Tottus, Peruvian grocery store (linked), and the older missionaries are taking us newbies on a tour of beach town Pacasmayo. How did I get so lucky??? I love this place and I love this little life of mine! And yeah, there are lots of surfers.  I live in paradise!

Love, Hermana Butikofer

[Because Abby was unable to send pictures this week, I added a couple of photos from her arrival in Trujillo last Monday night]


Our arrival in Trujillo


Group photo at the Trujillo airport. I’m promise I’m in there.  Just look.  My head is turned.


After meeting our new companions


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